Happy Thursday

Hello. how are you? Thursday is my Friday.  I have always, always loved Thursdays.  I really only want to watch Thursday TV.  Especially since baby hughes says "Michael" every time The Office theme song comes on (oh, and he also adds a little tapping the air to the  da, da, dada da part) he is my child *beams*
And, yes, I really do let my 2 year old watch that show... don't judge.

And, since I don't have any photos of the stuff I have been switching around at the casa... I will share with you a current booth photo.... we forgot to take afters of the current chest that is in there.... and by we, I mean Mr. Hughes!  He is nearly perfect in every other way though.

So this piece is called Hannah.  That name used to be a choice for a baby name for us, but since we are no longer having 4 kids, it won't be.  (Yikes.... did I just totally set myself up for triplets if I get pregnant again?)
I am thinking this piece would be a perfect compromise to a large flat screen.... I had to make that compromise... and have a piece of furniture that I love... that is holding up a very large television.

And, last night, after some encouragement from a sweet friend, I listed some flower pins in my etsy shop.
I know, I know... there are a ton of people doing them... she assured me that they are different enough not to get bombarded with copycat emails.

They are all different... different materials and I use all vintage buttons and scraps of vintage fabrics here and there....

This one was made from an upcycled wool sweater.
They look cute just about anywhere~

Enough shameless plugging for my shop, I will be back tomorrow with my regularly scheduled Friday Etsy Favorites to share the love.

Bye for now~


  1. That chest is gorgeous and I love the color and hardware....my armoire is in need of some help. I posted it if you can give some advice! Also, your flower pins are so pretty!!!


  2. Cute pins, mama!

    And your little booth is just adorable, as always. I'll bet you have booth stalkers, don't ya? People that pounce every time you go by and take new stuff in.

    I would totally stalk your booth. :-)

  3. i seriously love the new pins! so much that i just bought one, thankyouverymuch.

  4. no judgement-until my daughter was two, she would shake her hips side to side when the theme song of the office came on.

  5. Absalute Great idea. I love those pins the flowers are too cute. LOVE the Blog as well. SO glad to of found you.
    happy to be a new follower

  6. I love the new pins!...and the booth. Back to the pins...everyone's projects are unique to their own style and materials chosen. It's your twist and I love it. Keep creating! I'm visiting your Etsy next.

  7. Oh yeah...the flower pins, I mean THE FLOWER pins are up!! They look gorgeous...and of course i love that all the materials are recycled! yipee~ you are being so green... :) And your booth looks so cute, and to answer anne's questions, YES I am sure you have booth stalkers, i mean if I lived close enough I would ask for your schedule and meet you there, oh boy...that sounded weird! Be back tomorrow for my etsy fix! xo

  8. I think your pins are adorable!!! i love them, and am so happy you added them to your esty shop. your booth looks great!!!


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