Friday Etsy Favorites *Bookish*

hello friday. It is cold today... in fact, I wish I was wearing socks... and I much prefer to be barefoot around the house. And, I am also wishing that I hadn't tore through those books so fast. Because today is a good book kind of day and I am feeling 

There is nothing like coffee, tea, hot cocoa.... something warm while curling up with a good book.
And this cozy keeps your cup looking stylish

I often end up using the receipt from the book or the book jacket to mark my spot 
This book mark is awesome... made from old spice tins

And, since when I get a bookmark, it is often stolen and used as a "key" by baby hughes it would be good to have a back up like this pretty button
found ~ petrieeve

Aren't these bookplates so pretty? And insure that you will get your book returned
found ~ sweetharvey

Now, we have a vintage typewriter (or type-r-writer)
but, the Mr likes it in his office.  Me, I like it downstairs.
If we had 2, this wouldn't be a problem
found ~ everyeskimo

I love these dictionary pages with stuff printed on them!  So graphic and vintage all at the same time

I love these vintage, worn bookends
found ~ gingerscraps

I think this typewriter key necklace is so pretty... not too sweet

And, how can you read a good book without something to snuggle under
(you won't be snuggling under this chevron number as it is mineallmine!)
I bet you could get one just like it though

And, if  you are the bookclubbish type, this set would be so pretty as you discuss exactly how much you adore Peeta (or Edward...or Jacob... but not that Jacob)
found ~thecatalog

So, kids... it is really cold.  I had to take a break to turn on the heat and put on a hoodie. I know, it is November, but we are in the South, so all of you Minnesotans... hush it!

We have company coming in today so I need to mop the floors and make sure everything is right to transform my hyena into a hootie hoot for the Pumpkinfest tomorrow.

Hope you all have a safe, fun weekend!

bye for now!

ps. Please keep a young lady named Kayla in your prayers.... she is having some difficult health issues and needs loads of them~


  1. GREAT blog post! Thanks so much for adding my print to your lovely post....AmyLynn

  2. this is a fantastic collection... now i want to spend the afternoon under a blanket with a good book. maybe the evening too!

  3. Oh, I love those bookmarks! I'm always looking for a unique one, thanks for the post!

  4. I loved this off to make some tea and finish my book!

  5. What a fantastic feature and wonderful finds! Thank you so much - I am honored to be included!

  6. this bookish list feels like a fall list to me, but then again I always get in the mood to snuggle up with a good a book when the weather starts to shift.

    love that button bookmark. so cute!
    have a happy weekend with your guest and a happy halloween! can't wait to see pics of baby hughes all gussied up. :)

  7. This an awesome blog!!! Makes me want to stay in bed and read all day on this rainy Friday! Thanks so much for including us! We love it!

  8. It has been so warm here in FL! Today there finally is a nip in the air. I have on long sleeves for the first time! It makes me want to curl up with a good book, too. Lovely blog and post!

  9. Love the book plates. They're pretty. I agree. It is book weather. If only my kids would let me curl up with a book all day. Oh well, I guess curling up with a couple hundred childrens' books and a girl under each arm will have to do.

  10. I love seeing your etsy finds - I love etsy and really enjoy seeing what others (particularly those with good taste :) enjoy on there too!

  11. What a fun post! I really like the letterpress bookplates. The entire Etsy store is amazing!

  12. What a beautiful collection of bookish!

  13. hi michelle,

    i seriously love your typewriter. i recently found a mint condition turquoise blue one that i just gave to my son for his 31st bday. he loved it and says he is using it everyday.

    i also love that yellow and white zigzag throw.

    have a safe and happy halloween.


  14. Perfect for these chilly days and nights we've been getting lately.


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