The Un-titlable

I know what you are thinking.... totally a word!  My mind is going 100 miles per hour today... that is a little faster than normal.  No person really needs 2 cups of coffee in the morning.  I started out my morning by putting my scrubs in the dryer... they were already dry but I wanted to warm them up before I headed out into the chilly 50 degree morning.  Folks, that is cold!  My bones are cold, all you peeps from Minnesota... I don't want to hear it... it is cold.

Then,  I couldn't find my velcro curler that I use to hold my bangs up while I am putting on my makeup... does anyone else do that?  I couldn't find the jumbo one... then I remembered, oh yeah.... baby hughes was wearing it in his hair before we went to bed.... now, does anyone do that?  It is funny, so I roll with it.... I roll with just about anything funny.

So, this weekend, I moved into a 2 bedroom house, painted it, ripped out an above ground pool and had a 2nd child (a boy named Henry.) Him and the current baby hughes shared the room happily with 2 twin beds and a load of Thomas engines because I am a pushover and I also think I may have missed out on some childhood desire to play with trains.  Oh... by the way... that was all in my head.  Seriously though, I had totally talked myself into a 2 bedroom house because it is where we would love to live.  I even purged 4 HUGE bags of stuff (all the while deciding what furniture to put on craigslist for the big move)... well, that truly needed to happen.  For some reason, when Mr. Hughes sent me the link... I heard "4 blocks from downtown." Well, that is perfect... walking distance!  But, on Sunday, when we drove past... is isn't 4 blocks... more like 8 blocks.  And, no sidewalk.  And the front yard is a whole bunch smaller than in the photos.  So, I packed up our stuff and put my second boy up for sale on ebay. Oh and just so you know, I wouldn't have showed you the link if I wasn't truly, positively over it.  Sorry guys, I love you, but not enough to share dream house listings if I think there is really a chance we will buy it.  You saw what happened with the pink file box.

Have I told you that I love people who obviously dig their spouses?  Well, I also really like dads that obviously dig their kids.  So, I really like Mr. Hughes.  We have been working on baby hughes' owl costume (I may or may not have made a fatal error last night with felt, in which I may or may not have almost cried.)
That is right ladies, WE. He is making the hat and I have made the rest of the costume.  But, as I was sitting on the floor, cutting out felt feathers, it occured to me how blessed I am to have a husband that is just as nuts as I am about our hyena.  So nuts that he is trying to figure out the best way to make a headdress that our child will leave on while trick or treating.  The same man that cut out an owl for a certain second birthday party.

And, I am still shaking things up around here.  And, once a few things are in place I will totally share them... nothing big, just moving something here that was there.  Oh, and new drapes for this room...

I couldn't go a whole post without a photo (an old photo, those chairs have slipcovers on them... and now that I am remembering that stool in the corner... I am thinking I may have a really good spot for it upstairs....)
See those panels.  Those panels are from Walmart.  They are smocked and quite cute for the price.  But, you can't see that they are like 2 -3 inches too short.  Drives me crazy.  For 4 years now.  So, I found some fabric that I love

found here
And, it is on sale.  And, I had a coupon code. And, free shipping.
So, after a quick email to a certain Margarita Sister (one of my mom's bffs) to see if she would tackle this project (really, I would love to, but I just don't see it getting done anytime soon) and she quoted me a price that I couldn't say no to... plus, she said the magic words of being able to get it done soon... I am an impatient gal. So, very soon I will be able to walk past my dining room and not shake my head at the capris my windows are wearing.

Okay, I have dumped a lot on you guys today, so I will stop.
Have a wonderful fallish day

Bye for now~

ps.  Did all of the links to previous posts make you feel like you were watching one of the Friends episodes that remembered back... like you were cheated with no new real dirt just some random stuff sprinkled in with past snippets of episodes.  I kind of feel that way too


  1. I really like the panels idea for sure. It really makes the room look a lot warmer...(I'm a photographer...I like the way the light changes to a warmer color)
    Wish they weren't 4" too short though...haha...WalMart tends to do that sometimes...

  2. hehe, capris for windows. that's too funny! my front window is wearing some right now.

    your dining space is so purty. i can't wait to see how your windows look with their new pants, i mean curtains.

  3. I just bought that same fabric to redo a bench for my bedroom! Love it!! can't wait to see the new curtains!!

  4. You crack me up! ;) I'm looking forward to the owl costume and the panels. Can't wait to see them.


  5. Day-um, that house is freakin' adorable! And affordable too, for what you seem to getting for the money.

    And in your dinig room, that industrial looking cabinet, why have I never seen that before, hmmm? Awesome.

    Really looking forward to the owl costume!


  6. I love your dining room and the curtains are going to look great.... you had me laughing over the velcro roller, i pin my bangs back my daughters clips! i'm sitting on a branch waiting to see the OWL!!!!

  7. love your dining room,the color is gorgeous and the industrial cabinet, I need to see all the goods inside!! :) can't wait to see the curtains!! woo hoo!

  8. sorry the house didn't shine as well up close as the photo...and the velcro curler? I do the same thing, it's very necessary for mornings!


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