Friday Etsy Favorites *Cozy*

Hello Friday!  It is crisp here I tell you, Crisp!
 And, I may or may not be getting sick... the body hasn't decided.
But, I am feeling like I need some snuggles and something 

Isn't this bow darling?  I love bows... don't wear them a lot
I love this one's wooliness

I love knit things!  Like love, love, love!  And oatmeally knit things are always on the top of my list
I love this slouchy knit hat
found at bungaloe

I adore this throw... look at those colors... does anyone love me enough to give me a little baby girl wrapped in this?  Because I love babies, but I don't love being pregnant! heehee

And speaking of the bambinos... how cute is this?!?!  This is the only kind of mouse I want crawling on my floor!
found at elleGant

And I have seen these mug cozies popping up all over the place
So fun!
love the chunky knit and button
found at unravelme

I love this cozy quilt with its funky design and great color combination
Perfect for curling up on the sofa with baby hughes and watching ELF (my fave) or Thomas (his fave.... his fave usually wins!)
found at peppermint pinwheels   (um... YUM!)

Ahhhh... chunky oatmeal scarf... how I love thee....

Get out!  How cute is this... maybe baby hughes needs to lay off the owls a bit and start lovin the sheep!
found at olive

Got to keep those toesies warm... 
found at jenster76

love this little scarfette... those buttons are the best!!
found at estarkints

Are you feeling cozy and warm now?
Okay, I know I promised you a bloggy tour.  And, I plan to keep that promise... just not this week *wink*
I was going to do it last night, but I got home and played with the boy and then got the bright idea to bring the laptop upstairs and entertain the hyena whilst I shook things up around the house...
so, I locked my bedroom door (with the hyena in there with me and kept Mr. Hughes out.... he doesn't like me to move the furniture by myself and I am not patient enough to wait)
Then I calmly walked to his office and said something like... can you come in here and look at this
and *voila* the whole room changed!
Then, I convinced him to hang up our sconces and by stealing a few items out of other rooms
It was finished (for now *wink*)
I was so has never felt right... now it does!
So, in addition to a tour of a great local shop, I will also 
FINALLY share my bedroom. Can you stand the excitement?!?!

so have a cozy sort of weekend... go get you some pumpkins and something warm and curl up with the ones you love and love them!
Bye for now!


  1. Love your Etsy favorites. I am craving some cooler weather down her in Central Florida. It has just started to cool off. My favorite above is the mug cozy. I've seen a bunch too. So cute.

  2. Hi Michelle! OH ! I hope you are not getting sick..I've been hearing about so many people getting bad colds already!! Stay warm and drink lots of good hot tea! Love these Etsy always have some good ones! Look forward to seeing the bedroom !!!
    Tammy :-)

  3. It's fairly chilly out this morning, thanks for warming me up these lovely items!

  4. Wow, what wonderful finds!! Thanks for including my slippers in your collection of coziness!! I'm in love with that chunky oatmeal scarf!! Oh, and that yummy slouchy knit hat!

  5. What a wonderful way to start this fall Friday! It's really too bad that I can't spend the morning snuggled up on the sofa and watching Elf. I'll even take Thomas! Thank you for including my quilt with all these other great cuddlies.

  6. What great finds! Thanks so much for including my bow in your cozy roundup! -Amanda

  7. mkay loving everything...that seems to be the trend lately, but that quilt, I love the colors, la la love them! and the slippers, my feet want to be in them NOW!!! enjoy your weekend sweet girl, and I cannot stand the anticipation of seeing your bedroom...! yipee!

  8. Thanks for including my scarf, I loooove the cozy quilt, it just looks comforting.

  9. the mouse, the giraffe, and those booties are cutee!

    justbettertogether at gmail dot com
    Just Better Together

  10. These items are fantastic! I'd almost consider getting one of those little mousy hats made for myself (in a grown up size, of course)... and those slippers look sooo cozy! Lovely collection- I need one of everything.

  11. You make me buy things. I need that sheep pillow for my couch.

  12. What a great cozy collection! All would have been perfect for the passed week, but we've warmed back up over the weekend...which is a good thing, since we are in need of a new furnace. I say we take the furnace money and move down to where we won't NEED a furnace. ;)

  13. i cannot stand the excitement! i'm giddy with anticipation. i'm also really happy to know i'm not the only one that slyly moves the furniture around without the mister knowing. sometimes, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

    i love, love, love that knit blanket. it that isn't incentive to learn how to knit i don't know what is.

    i hope your feeling all better.

  14. ha! it looks like i'm a couple years behind. thank you for featuring my little scarflette :)
    elissa from e.starknits


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