Of Cheerleaders and Child Labor

Hey girls! (let's face it boys... you are a minority around these parts)
I thought I would show you what I took out to the booth this past weekend.  I just gave this stool a quick makeover.

Grey paint and a pretty damask and that is all the Meredith bench needed.

These beauties needed a bit more love....
I should have taken a photo with the previous fabric, but yes, that is Pepto pink you are seeing, not a reflection of a pretty sunset.

Out came the blue and the birdie fabric I had on hand and these became the Emme chairs.  

See those tags?  Yes I am in business.... I wonder if any of you know what those tags are really used for....
My wonderful, creative Mr. Hughes found them and had them made for me.  He is quite resourceful.  And supportive, he is my Cheerleader.  Everyone needs a real Cheerleader, a biggest fan.  I have been lucky to have 2.  Now, I don't mean a supportive girlfriend or someone to vent to... I have those as well, and they are super important too.  No, you need a Cheerleader.  Now, before Mr. Hughes came along, my biggest fan was my Grandma.... granted she was cheering me to find love, not something I love to do, like Mr. Hughes.  Still, it was the same.  Never ending support.  When she passed away, I knew that I had lost my Cheerleader.  Luckily, (probably with a nudge from her up above *wink*) he came along a few months later. I wonder how he feels about being a male Cheerleader..... hmmmmm....

He sticks up for me.  He has my back. He helps me out so much.  Helps me get stuff done.  And, still it doesn't all get done.  Every time someone asks me how I get it all done or if I sleep, I have to laugh.  Seriously.  I don't get it all done.  If you saw my home on most days or my booty in a bathing suit you would get it.  I have priorities and right now dusting or derriere busting hasn't been the top of my list.  I do love me a clean house and firm tush so they are quickly moving on up....

And, when you are short on time and need to get a project finished, it doesn't hurt to employ child labor.

You see, that gentle touch... it is the secret to the finishes on my furniture. Tiny, light sanding strokes.  Also, if you notice what we call the "final step"  in the background... 

.... that's right, a Thomas Train. It is essential. Before any of my furniture leaves, it is perfectly weathered by well placed and thought out train wheel tracks. 

So, when you are suffering from Icantgetitdoneitis, just make sure you have a Cheerleader and a little child labor.

I will be back tomorrow with a Friday Etsy Faves!
Bye for now!

ps.  PLEASE Department of Labor, please don't take my baby hughes.... he just likes to help out.  I pay him in Thomas Trains and Goldfish and he only works as long as his attention span will let him.  
oh, and why didn't anyone warn me that Thomas Trains are really expensive?!?
oh and I do brush his hair...


  1. you crack me up. you need to make a run to ikea and pick him up some of their wood trains. i'm too cheap so my kid barely got any thomas trains after i found those. i like to weather my furniture with matchbox cars. it adds just the right amount of love to them.

    your pieces turned out superb and the addition of those sweet little tags makes them even better. way to go mr. hughes!

  2. This post was wonderful.I giggled so much.The "tags" on the furniture are beyond inspired.Nothing wrong with a little child labor.My kids have all kinds of opinions on how my junque treasures turn out.Sometimes I even listen to them!!Enjoy.

  3. your pieces look fantastic!! love the fabric on the meredith bench and of coure the emme chairs!! And yipee to having a cheerleader that is important! Little hughes is just darling helping you...so sweet!

  4. I LOVE those chairs...le sigh...
    Great post, too.


  5. I really love those chairs. The fabric is so perfect! I what a wonderful touch the metal tags are!! especially when they came from your sweetheart.

  6. That bird fabric is oh so cute! Love the lil bit o blue :)
    If Mr Hughes is ok being a male cheerleader, then right on! We all need one (plus they can hold up more weight;) And dont worry, I wont report you - heck, I would distress for goldfish!


    those tags....i am intrigued. Just dont tell me they are vintage "toe" tags or anything! HA!

  7. Love the nameplate tag. Perfect! Vintage Junkified for sure.

  8. You have the best enployee!!!! the nameplate tag are fantatic...just the right touch!!! love everything as usual!!!

  9. Your blog is fabulous ... wish I'd discovered sooner!

  10. Love the bench and chairs and that fabric is so pretty with the bird.

    Little one is a great helper too, you are so lucky to have a little cheerleader and a big cheerleader.


  11. those chairs are gorgeous!!! love the colors and fabric. and my kids do the same thing- my daughter told me the other day she had to go to the paint store and then do some deliveries.

  12. The chairs and bench are simply lovely. I enjoyed the posted and giggled often. I too enjoy the benefits child labor...the door greeter at my shop is my two and half year daughter who believes herself to be the mini-shopkeeper!

  13. Hi Michelle,
    I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know that I was the one that bought your Collette piece. I love it. I saw it on CL first and went to the Roost to see it in person. Just beautiful. I found your blog from that point on and have been excited to see more of your work. Can't wait to get more Vintage Junky pieces.
    Kelley W

  14. Oh My! My hubby really was a cheerleader in college! LOL He still is my cheerleader! Child labor......isn't that why we have kids? LOL My 11 year old son washes off dirt and cobwebs from the junk I get....my daughter imputs her design ideas and "models" my items when I do a show. She even made a "For Sale Sign" and stuck it under the flower pin she was wearing! I'm in the same boat!


  15. Meredith and Emme are just lovely!

    I love my Mr. Twig, but sometimes I sure could use a Mr. Hughes! What a guy. :-)

    Child labor rocks, you go, girl!

  16. Beautiful refinishes and this post was precious! The whole child labor comment had me cracking up. And, I'm LOVING your tags. Way to go, Mr. Hughes.


  17. Funny stuff!! And I'm so jealous of your cheerleader. Could Mr. Hughes please call my husband and teach him how to cheer when it comes to furniture and decorating??? He needs some major training in that area! :)

    I knew there was a secret to your furniture finishes - Thomas the Train- why didn't I think of that???

    Love, love, love the tags!! Absolutely perfect.

  18. loving those chairs and tags - arent husbands wonderful?

  19. LOVE everything!! I am a baby/children's photographer in Mboro and could quite literally buy everything I've seen from you!!! I've sent you a message on craigslist about the chairs and the bench. Please tell me you haven't sold them yet!!!

    Frogs and Faeries Photography

  20. You are VERY funny!! I got a kick out of this post!! I live all the way in OR-Y-GUN and unfortunately won't be in Tennessee any time soon. I was wondering if you would mind sharing the name and brand of the blue paint you used on the chairs. It is a perfect blue from 'back-in-the-day.'


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