Latest Finds and Projects

Hello all!  
How are you?
I am fine... tired of all this grey, wet weather.
Spring, where are you?
That groundhog better not see his shadow... not that I condone animal cruelty....
but, he better make Spring come 6 weeks early!

So I realized that I haven't shown some of my latest finds and gifts.

This was under... or beside... the Christmas tree.
She is a repro, but Mr. Hughes vintaged her up for me.

He designed and added the Acme logo and her little necklace.
I love her *smiles*

I think by now I have stressed my love of letterpress.
Mr. Hughes found this vintage small letterpress type machine that will stamp small cards once it is tweaked.

But, for now, it just looks swell on top of Bubba.

And these aren't really new, but they are all together along the bar... just a few things I have been doing to shake up the house a bit... to keep it spicy and exciting *wink*

This was one of my favorite flea market finds this year.... it made me give up my favorite, favorite scale.

A double scale with  ironstone type plates.... love!
And, I was so excited to hear that the flea will be open in 2011 here!

Just last week I found this little gem... baby hughes says it is his *click click*
I am thinking another collection is brewing.
Along with a luggage collection... Mr. Hughes found me a great one for my stack.
I will show you once I have a few more.

I worked on a few pieces to take out to the booths the other day....

The Zoey... pretty blue... silver leafed knobs....

And the Carol (Carol, are you reading this?)
I adore this piece... I always think about keeping each and every piece I finish... it always crosses my mind of how I can rearrange everything to make something work.
This piece though, well, I love it!  It would be perfect for baby hughes' big boy room... but he isn't a big boy yet... nope.... no matter what the new haircut says *sniff sniff*
So, I took it out to the booth... someone better take it home before I change my mind.... Mr. Hughes wouldn't want to haul it back... trust me... it isn't a light load

Well, guys and gals... that is all I have....

Bye for now!


  1. oooh carol, you are sultry and smoky and i love you!

  2. I love the painted furniture! I have some pieces that I want to paint and this was the post to convince me it's ok.

    Any chance that you might do a post on good colors to choose for painted furniture?

  3. I love love the sultry and smokey Carol :) I see you have a bowl fetish. Mine is outta control. "Hello, my name is Lolo. I have a thing for bowls".


  4. Wow carol is amazing, love the roundness of her curves!~ the bowl collection is stunning along with the scale...swoony!! thanks for sharing your little finds~

  5. Girl, I *love* it all...the manni, the bowls, the dressers.


    Why can't we live closer. We would be besties, I know it. ;o)


  6. The dress form and scales are awesome!

  7. Love, love! Adore your vintage camera...I "collect" those too. ;)


  8. I LOVE all your new finds! I collect vintage suitcases too! Hubs thinks it's mighty strange to have someone elses initials on our 'side table' ... I think it adds character!

    I'm your newest follower ... heading to read more posts now! :)


  9. Fantastic finds...and coming from a printing backgroud I love the letter press.

  10. That Mr. Hughes sure knows how to pick out the gifts!!

  11. That dressform is to die for!!

  12. Michelle,

    I too love that letter press! I've never seen one that small before.

    Your Friend,

  13. love it all, especially the "brownie".....i was just at winchester mall this weekend and saw your adorable booth! i immediately recognized your sign and connected it to your blog. i live in franklin too! will we ever see spring?

  14. your dress form is so pretty. i just love her!


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