Friday Etsy Favorites *Pillows*

Happy Friday!
The sun is sort of shining and hopefully my house will be soon,
I am thinking clean floors, clean sinks, everything put up....
That sounds good.
I wish I could just bibbety-bobbety-boo it into place.
Plus, there is some painting to do... one piece I can't wait to get my hands on!  Or my brush rather.
But, before I can manage all that  (and maybe sneak off to do some junking with baby hughes)
I thought I would share with you one of my favorite ways to decorate

I adore most things British.... well, the flag and the boys (hello, Robert *wink* and let's not forget Colin and Jude)

Shut the front door... love this pillow!
found~ decoYellow

love this little pillow... what a fun accent!
found~ artgoodies

love this olive green with the lace... and ticking on the reverse
found~ Octavi

This is for Mr. Hughes... a lover of Sherlock

Awesome map pillow

Grey chevron?  Yes please!
also found~ decoYellow

Love these Scrabble tile pillows!

I love super long lumbar pillows!

This pillow is made from a vintage blanket... love it!

I have many more favorites, but the Mr. just mentioned it may be warm (and by that he means 45) 
That may have just changed all the plans.
Other fun may be had by me and the bambino, after Sesame Street of course.

On a side note, Adam Sandler just was on singing a song about Elmo... so funny!

Okay, kids, I am outta here! 
Have a great weekend!

Bye for now! 


  1. i love the union jack pillow. i need the union jack pillow. i wonder if i can make myself one???
    happy weekend!!

  2. LOVE the LOVE pillows! How wonderful for Valentine's day!

  3. The union jack pillow is right on target! I love the Scrabble lettered pillows, too! I need them :)

    Thanks for sharing these!
    ~Michelle :)

  4. Love the olive green one and the map one for sure!

  5. LOVE the London Map pillow!!! I may have to buy the vintage Chicago one at her store!!!! It has my favorite colors! My love of maps and my hometown!!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my London pillow! Much appreciated!

  7. I had to come by and see you after I saw the Union Jack pillow ♥!
    I'm definitely an Anglophile and have the same mancrushes. ;)
    Beautiful blog- love it!

  8. Love all of them. I really, really love the scrabble pillows. Thanks for sharing.

  9. okay i love pillows like i love lampshades!!! I can think of a place for all of these!heehee
    happy weekend

  10. Oh I love that Union Jack pillow! That would look pretty good in my son's nautical-inspired room I think. I love the British gals' too-their sense of fashion is amazing!

  11. I love all these pillows... I am a cushion DIY-er and love to browse for new ideas to try out... the scrabble pillows look like great fun! X


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