Short Stack

Do you know how completely lovely the weekend was here in TN?
Do you know what it looks like now? Grey and rainy.
Oh well, it could be worse with 18 inches of *snow* on its way.

Lately I have been obsessing over suitcases.
Specifically stacks and stacks of them.


found ~ the locker via my sweet savannah

 A small stack in my bedroom

Well, kids, I love it.
And now I want more... 
so baby hughes and I went to a little place near here to see if they had one that I remembered from months ago.
And they did!
I scooped (well, heaved it up, it is pretty big)
and Mr. Hughes found a great one last week.
And then I stole one from under his armoire in our bedroom.
So I have a short stack in the living room.  But of course, I want more. MORE!!
here are a few of my favorites on etsy right now
just in case you need a short stack today.

found~ sadieolive 

Consider it a early week Friday Favorites!

Bye for now!


  1. I'm with you. Would love to start a collection and just to day hit the thrift stores hoping to find one or twelve. No luck, but I will not give up.

    Love your short stack.


  2. The weekend was beautiful here, wasn't it? Things are sure changing up tomorrow.

    I love your suitcases. Did you know you can paint them to suit your color needs/wants? I painted a red one a very light gray and it turned out great.

    Take care...

  3. Thanks for including my luggage set here. I just love old suitcases. :o)

  4. lovely. I want a short stack or two also!!!

  5. When I saw that CL story with those suitcases I about
    And man I wish I was "Paula" - or had "Paula's" suitcases!
    Too bad it costs so much to ship them! I have a few too, but I only buy them if I can get them for a steal (or free - I did get a green striped metal one for free - true story :)

    Stay warm dear!!

  6. It's was a beautiful weekend here in East Tennessee, it just didn't last long enough! I love the suitcase stacks. That is one thing I look for every time I go to the trift stores, I want to make end tables out of them.

  7. Yay! I love these. I have a Lady Baltimore like yours in my bedroom

  8. I've always loved vintage suitcases but never seem to find any out thrifting anywhere. I haven't given up though! :)

  9. so glad i found your sweet blog!...i have a little collection of old suitcases too. my daughters love to store their stuff in them! someday i will try to reclaim them...won't hold my breath. they love vintage also...
    i'm just starting blog#2...very fresh right now, but i hope to collect all my design and project inspirations there.

  10. oh wow... those last two are yummy... they both have personalities!


  11. Aw...a fellow obsesser of vintage suitcases! ;) I saw your comment on my recent post showing off my newest addition. :) There's just something about them.


  12. Didn't you just *LOVE* the house that went along with photo #1?? It was dreamy! In fact, I think I am going to go grab that issue right now. It is snowing sideways here, my feet are freezing and I think it is time to curl up with a few magazines, some hot chocolate and watch some really bad reality TV. Oh yeah, I am sooo ready for this storm!


  13. I did a post not too long ago about all of my suitcases and people asking me where I am going. They make great storage too. I store my unsightly paperbacks and also my sightly but abundance of silver. I think I have over ten pieces. Good luck on the find. How fun.

  14. when I first saw them stacked in CL I fell in love too! I have them in 3 rooms of the house and they do make great storage, and when I have done shows, they make great displays that can carry the goods to the show... it a 2fer! Have fun with yours! Theresa xoxo

  15. I love stacking suitcases ~ they look wonderful and can hold all kinds of treasures~ ;-)

  16. I have a wonderful collection of suitcases stacked nicely in my living room. They give the room such character and charm! You can see them here:

  17. Dear Michelle,
    I LOVE stacked suitcases. I have three, one on top of the other that used to be my Grandmothers. The ones that you have shown are wonderful.
    .... and, many thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes. I can't tell you how much it means....especially fron your generation....that you can have time for an old 60 year old !!!! hehe
    I'm so sorry that I haven't commented for a is so hard to get around to everyone, isn't it ? I must try harder !! Lots of love and thanks again. XXXX

  18. The rolling wheels on cookie cutter black suitcases (blah!) definitely come in handy, but boy, they sure don't make suitcases like they used to, do they? Well, not that I can afford anyway. These finds seem like they have a few tales to tell. Can't wait to see your new stack.


  19. Hi - New follower here! I love the suitcases and don't have any yet, but I keep looking. Your blog is great, I'm working my way through your archives now!

    BTW - I'm also a 30-something with a little boy :-)

  20. it is the one thing i can't seem to say no to when i'm antiquing.
    love 'em.

  21. Oh this is one trend I am loving -- vintage and added storage!

    Your Friend,

  22. I love this..I will be doing this once I can get back to antiquing this love love it

  23. I have a few myself - one of which is to die for - it's alligator (probably faux) and has a clear lucite handle. It's a very small about 12 inches wide. Love it!

    Hope you'll come visit my new blog. I posted some of my beautiful dolls today. :)

  24. The creamy white suite cases are my favorite!

  25. I am late to this, but wanted to add that I, too, almost passed out when I saw that CL article. The whole issue was wonderful, but I *loved* the article with the suitcases. The handful that I have collected are stacked on an armoire in my youngest son's room. I have gotten them from etsy, but hate to pay shipping. Need to find some locally! I will absolutely have a tall stack somewhere, someday. :)



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