Friday Etsy Favorites *Pretty*

I am Michelle and I am a girl.
Girls like pretty things, right?
Well, I think a good portion of us do.
And, this pretty weather has me longing for girly things that are just 

Pretty in Pink 
found~ sohomode

 Simple and Pretty

I am a green girl and this pretty dress disappeared from my faves for awhile and I was distraught that I couldn't find it.  So, so pretty
found~ fcpcares

I think I have featured this print before.  Still pretty!

Simple IS pretty!

Pretty bow

Such a pretty clock.  I love doilies!
found~ uncommon

Love these little bows to dress up plain shoes
found~ No144

Oh how I wish my handwriting was pretty!  I always got "satisfactory" marks in penmanship.
Oh well, don't they say messy handwriting is the sign of a genius? 
Now I can fake it with this pretty stamp
found~ Notetrunk

Eat pretty!

So do you all feel Pretty?  And Charming? And Gaaaayyyyyy?
Heehee!  My grandpa used to sing that at the top of his lungs way before Jack Nicholson made Adam Sandler sing it in Anger Management.  He was a Jack too... hmmmmm.....

Random, I know!
So kids, I am off here.  I have to go wake up my two boys.... there is an antique show calling my name.
Hope your weekend is pretty and wonderful!

bye for now!

ps. my little etsy shop is having a sale of sorts. 
Check out the sale section for markdowns.


  1. Michelle,

    Thanks for featuring our dress! Love the collection of pretty things you've assembled.

  2. pretty! thanks for including my dress design!
    ❤ Amanda

  3. what a PRETTY collection! wish i had somewhere to wear that green dress...

  4. so pretty! I am so in love with the first pink dress and the pink print. ahh, just love them!

  5. Nice collection of items, thanks for including my shoe clips!

  6. I love it!! Thank you very much for including my hoop, and thanks for making me smile too! :)

    A wonderful weekend to you too - an antique show certainly is a good way to start it!

    Annabelle x

  7. i'm loving all the dresses!!!!!!!
    have fun shopping!

  8. So funny, my mom used to sing that song loud while she danced around the house...I need to ask her if she still does! Have fun shopping!

  9. Wow, I LOVE those dresses!

    I added several new shops to my favorites (yours included), thanks for sharing! :)


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