Goodbye 2010, *hello* 2011

I would like to say hello to 2011 in a kind of flirty,* I think you are cute* sort of way.  You know, to become tight right off the bat.  I want 2011 to be a fun great year.  And, instead of making resolutions, I will make goals and celebrate milestones.

(I know, it is Friday and I am not posting my Friday Etsy Faves, but I have been busy... building trains and practicing perfect fake in your face sneezes, and getting my new booth ready.... which I have a whole list of things to be doing right now, but I would rather chat a little before this great 2010 leaves us.) 
Here is a sneak peek of the stuff that will be at Winchester:

Goals like being a more patient mom.... who has a potty trained kiddo before he turns 3

Why, now why would I put that as a goal.... well, my sweets, I REALLY want to go to Disney this fall.
Mr. Hughes got cheated out of Disney and he still hasn't been (and for some reason, that really, really makes me sad.) So, I would rather take a potty trained 3 year old

This year the Mr. and I will mark 5 years of being married.  I think I want a diamond.  No seriously, I just want to celebrate that for what it is

I will have a 3 year old.... yikes.... where has the time gone?  And, I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn't planning the party.... but I was NOT the person who has already ordered party favors... well, maybe after Mr. Hughes ordered the first favor... I found a great deal on a second......and, well, you know.

I want to eat better and exercise more.

I want to really garden this year.... how am I ever going to end up an old lady in floppy garden hats if I don't learn more.  I have been studying this Burpee catalog to see what I might like to try out this year.

I want to visit more train museums.  Yes, my traditional girl upbringing failed me... I am finding that trains were lacking in my household.... I think I love trains almost as much as the hyena.

I want to build healthy friendships and maybe put those on hold that are draining me.

I have so many goals that I just can't put to paper right now.  It all boils down to being happier and making those around me happier too.  Can you ask for more?

Okay, kids, have a safe wonderful New Year!!

I will be back next week with booth photos and all that jazz.

bye for now!!


  1. i think this is the perfect way to usher in the new year. i'm getting my new years goals in order to. i might steal one or two from your list ;)

    happy new year sweet friend!

  2. I'm so glad that I found you Michelle! Happy new year!


  3. Hope you have a healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year!

  4. I'm looking forward to being an old lady in floppy hats, too, Michelle! lol! What better way to grow old, huh? But we'll do it lookin' GOOD! lol! Thank you for a year of inspiration, support, encouragement, and friendship! Can hardly wait to see where 2011 take us all...! xoxo laurie

  5. Hi. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for visiting my blog during Christmas. I'm just getting caught up on blog visits. Love your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your posts. Your home looked so beautiful and cozy for Christmas, and I love your silhouette stockings! I look foward to seeing pics of your booth. Let me know if I can help with any info on gardening. We live on 2.5 acres and what's not grass is perennial and rose gardens. I have several garden posts from last summer on my side bar.
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Julie

  6. I just became a follower and I think your blog is wonderful! I'll definitely be back

    Happy New Year


  7. Happy New Year! Have fun with those trains!

  8. Happy New Year, Beautiful Blog Friend! :)

  9. You are going to have a WONDERFUL year, I can just tell already. Cheers to Vintage Junky! ~Clink~clink~


  10. We got our Burpee catalog too :) We have been dreaming of all the new plants that we will acquire and plant in '11! I wanna get some of their new berry plants - the thornless ones! Oh, and I need a floppy hat too....I will wait on the old lady bit for awhile tho :)
    Happy New Year sweetie!!


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