Friday Etsy Favorites *Wrap*

how are you? It is cold here kids... I know I have said it before, but we are talking in the teens in the mornings. yuck.  So, we have been staying in. Where it is warm and there is plenty of Christmasness to keep us busy.  I have been working on teaching the boy "Jingle Bells" and against my better judgment, I am going to do my best to find him a nice bell this weekend.
Oh, and all my decorations are up... but has been so grey so no photos... maybe later today.
I just have to finish wrapping up some gifts.  And, if I would have been thinking way ahead, I would have scooped up these items that will make the most ordinary parcel spectacular.
Christmas is coming, so let's *Wrap*

Love these clay tags stamped with *wish*
would make great ornaments too

handprinted wrapping paper.... so, so pretty!

hmmm.... these are my favorite shade of my favorite color and my favorite shape.... a curvy, brackety shape
found~ scrapbits

my newest obsession- vintage dennison labels (this set is mineallmine)

so pretty!  I would just keep the gift that these adorned... too pretty to give! baker's twine.  I have it in aqua, black and brown.
Now I think I am missing out since I don't have the red.
And I am so not a red person

Both the ornaments and the pretty cursive words had me at letterpress!

love this great twist on the classic stick on bow

I would keep this box forever.

Not sure what I like more.... the silvery twine or the calligraphy!

Now, in my last post about my wonderful day, I left out something that was especially exciting and wonderful until I made sure it was going to happen.  I got a call while Mr. Hughes was buying a memory card at Walgreens.... a call letting me know that there was a space available in my one of my favorite antique stores!  So, Vintage Junky will be a chain of sorts in 2011!  I am pretty excited and seriously need to get busy, busy, busy (said like the bad magician in Frosty) painting furniture and creating some new items for my space in Winchester Antique Mall.  I will still be keeping my booth at the Roost... those ladies are too fun and sweet to leave!

We had some very fun weekend plans that I think are going to be cancelled... stinking weather... 80% chance of rain.  I will try to get some photos of all this Snowflaky, Vintagy Christmasness up in here to post next week.
have fun this weekend... make it wonderful!

bye for now!


  1. Good luck in your business expansion. I have been to the Winchester Mall a couple of times - I am past due for another trip to Franklin.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. So exciting! I will have to come back to TN to check it out.


  3. thanks for featuring my wrapping paper!!! (& for anyone interested, it's definitely not too late to order!)

    oscar & ollie

  4. Love all the pretties Michelle...keep warm!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my "Merry" gift bows :)

  6. Thank you for featuring both sets of our tags! Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday!

  7. Thanks for the feature! We love Christmas and we love letterpress.

    I am really drawn to that baker's twin as well; the red and white is like miniature peppermint candycane!

  8. Great finds! I love the Ruby Rockwell boxes, and oh, the letterpresses!

  9. Love all the details, my presents would be soo pretty!! happy weekend michelle!

  10. I "adore" all thing pretaining to wrapping!!!! I just received my Paper Source order... i'm ready to wrap this weekend but now you just showed me a whole bunch of new things that have me rethinking things!!! heehee such a bad influence,

  11. Thanks for showing my Wish tag. Love all he other suggestions you have shown especially the letterpress tags with noel.
    Merry Christmas to you!
    Ness xx

  12. You should record Baby H. singing Jingle Bells and post the video. I have a video of Bear singing Christmas songs, I just LOVE it...and he was kind of mixing up songs and making up his own - priceless.

    I saw this hat yesterday while out and about with my client - Baby H. would have loved the three owls embroidered on it, but it was for bitty babies. :(

    I can't wait to see how you've decorated. I'm not loving our house this year. With the exception of my big tree with my vintage ornaments, of course. I'll ALWAYS love that. Not even our Peanuts tree is making me smile...I really am in a funk. :|

    Congrats on the expansion!

  13. Hey. I'm a Michelle, too. Loving those tags, especially the letterpressed ones.

  14. congratulations michelle!! that is such exciting news. hope you're staying warm this weekend
    xoxo- heather
    p.s. that parcel post set is dreamy!!!!

  15. Hi Michelle...

    I adore it all, but your turquoise wall especially stands out to me.....

    Take care,


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