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Hello and Happy Friday to you!  I have been busy at the shoppe this week... painting as always and moving the whole shoppe.  If you have been here in person, you know that my little shoppe is on the petite side.  It isn't always easy to make it look really different since there is only so many ways to arrange everything.  I did snap some photos on a grey day yesterday to show you some of our newest *stuff*

I have a stack at home that reaches the ceiling so it shouldn't surprise you that I have one here at our home away from home.  

This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite pieces ever!!  I call it a big girl piece... that is what I call all Empire pieces.  It is like when you get your big girl job and don't have a roommate anymore... this is the type of piece you buy.  Or I would buy *wink*

We normally have a few cameras around the shoppe.  There is something that draws me to them even though we are pretty much completely digital.  They are just cool.... they just don't design things the way they used to.

It is always nice to have a man with nice penmanship around since I don't have it!

I decided to not hoard all the ironstone pitchers in the world... it was hard, but I make sacrifices!

I love this little sign Mr. Hughes made for the new jewelry line we have at the shoppe.  I normally am out a few afternoons during the week and on Sundays with the hyena, so I always love to come and find that he has done something like this.

It has been grey and rainy here for days (perfect reading weather!) Not complaining at all though... I love a good rainy day.  It is just not great for us amateur photographers that don't know anything about settings and just have not taking the leap to learn.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!  

bye for now~


  1. As a collector of pretty vintage junk I just love all of your shop vignettes Michelle!
    Sending you happy Summer wishes from Germany

  2. my eye went straight to that typewriter. but everything is as charming as can be!

    when you have a moment to swing by, i'd love to have you:

    smiles and wishes for a happy weekend.


  3. Hi! I'm in Maryland. Would you consider shipping a suitcase here? We just have nothing like this around my area. I like the second one down under the open one on top. Don't know it's price but would like to. Thanks.


  4. oh it looks lovely! i wanted to climb right in those pictures! :)

  5. Your displays in neutrals are just gorgeous. Every single picture showed a vignette that made me wish I was near your shoppe so I could explore your treasures and buy

  6. I love your items - in fact I have many of them! :) You have a great shop.

  7. Your shoppe is so beautiful!! Full of such pretty vintage goodies! Love the vintage mail!! Your husband has such great penmanship! xo Heather

  8. Every detail in your shoppe is beautiful!! Thanks for showing it to us.
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio & BarnLoft

  9. Can you clone your hubby and send a few of them out to CA way? You are a blessed girl to have him! Creative too.

  10. I think your shop is on my bucket list. :-)

  11. Karen-piecespassed.blogspot.comJuly 18, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    I have a stack of suitcases also...don't you just love them?? I wish I could visit your shop--it looks fab!!

  12. I recently stumbled upon your booth in Franklin! I bought a few of your mail bundles. Love them! I'm new to Franklin and looking forward to exploring all the antique and vintage finds around town.

  13. I love your shop. All the vintage suitcases are great! Can't believe you have so many! GREAT! Love your sweet blog. Enjoy that baby's B-day! They grow up so fast!

  14. I'm ready to visit Franklin again! I love that empire piece too!!!

  15. I want that chippy FARM TABLE!!! can we get that to Seattle?

  16. I just found your blog! Cheers! Its been a dream of mine to open my own little shop.Peeps tell me its a full time job?!I already have one of those.I need it to fund my love for junk.Love your blog!


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