Lagging from Spring Forward

Every year, this whole Spring Forward kicks my butt for about a week.  This year was no exception.  So, that is why I have been away from the blog world for a week.  And, baby hughes is cutting at least 5 teeth. That and I have been lucky enough to see my sister 2 weeks in a row.  The weekend before last, she came here to go see Remember Me and get pedis.  And, this last Friday, Mr. Hughes decided at the last minute that we should drive to Cookeville (where I am from) to see my mom and sister and do a little vintage treasure hunting.  Bless him!  It is what I needed.  A beautiful sunny day with most of my favorite people.  Oddly enough, we both had cameras. but took very few photos.  I will have to do a home town tour one of these days.  As much as I complain about it, I truly do have fond memories of where I grew up and hope that we can find a place that baby hughes can feel warm and fuzzy about too.  Speaking of him,

here he is examining a water meter.  We have big hopes for him!  So, the Hughes familia started out in downtown Cookeville... did I mention this was a surprise trip?  There is nothing that Nana loves more than some baby hughes time and luckily it was her day off.  We met Nana and the Margarita Sisters and Aunt Ashley at an antique store where baby hughes was happily passed around while me and Mr. Hughes shopped. I saw an idea that I have never come across before:

 Can you tell what the shelves are made of?  They are toilet tank lids on brackets.  At first I was like "where in the world did they find these ironstone shelves and why haven't I seen them before?" Pretty cool, huh?  I found alot of treasures there, I need to take some photos of my lovelies this week.

Then, we headed for Mexican at our favorite place.  Strangely enough, no one had a margarita, not even the so called Margarita Sisters.  Very odd.  But, there was lots of laughing at the other end of the table... I felt left out.  Next time, someone else is going to cut up the baby's quesadilla and make sure he doesn't jump out of the high chair so I can hear what is going on!!  And, order momma a margarita!

After lunch, we went to a few more antique stores with Aunt Ashley and got some ice cream.  Did I mention that she owns a Baskin Robbins?  Well, not really, but that is what I told baby hughes.  Can you even imagine who his favorite person is?

Then we went to the final store of the day.  Mr. Hughes finds this gorgeous ironstone tureen and says, "I think you need this."  Well, who am I to argue with that?  So I ask how much... 58.99 with 15% off.  That is more than I normally pay for my habit, but it was pretty and I wanted to put flowers in it.  We started making a pile of a few things, each of us going back and forth.  Well, I was paying while Mr. and baby hughes were outside and she gave me the total.... $165 something.  WHAT?  What had Mr. Hughes put up there?  So I asked her to read it back to me.  She started with the tureen... $148.99.... I went out and asked him... "did you really mean to get that.... um NO...."  So sadly (very sadly) I went back and told her that he must not have seen the 1 and that we wouldn't be getting it.  Oh I was sad. And, I think the lady was a little peeved.  So, I loaded up the stuff we did get and I was on the way out when the gentleman that owned the store stopped me... would I still like it if if actually WAS 58.99 with 15% off... um, yeah!  Mine all mine!

Turns out the dealer was in the store and he went up and asked her.  She said that she definitely hadn't put the 1 there.  She and the owner seemed to imply that a 95 year old woman who was also a dealer there was sabotaging the other dealers by marking up their prices.  Can you imagine?  Mr. Hughes thinks it was the cashier since he really did not notice the 1, but I like the idea of a 95 year old woman being a little sneaky like!  I can't wait to find some plants for it.  I love it!

In other Vintage Junky news, we are seriously putting the finishing touches on the laundry room.  It really isn't my fault... I have been distracted 2 weekends in a row by my sister and Robert Pattinson (in very different ways though *wink*)  Oh, and, here is my newest obsession:

Saw one in Cookeville and decided that I truly need a vintage Volvo. Okay, hope to have the laundry room and additional treasures photographed by the end of this week... rain go away!


  1. i wish my water meter reader was as cute as yours. :) i heart your new tureen and can't wait to see how you bring it to life.

  2. Many, many years ago a friend of mine used to drive around in a car just like that. He called it the Swedish staff car (well he was in the military so he can be forgiven for the label!) It's a very cool car...go on, you should get one!

  3. Hey now!
    I'm gonna head to my antique mall with a Sharpie and start adding "1" to all the other dealers merch! Thanks Michelle, I owe ya one! ;-)

    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Warrenton I go!


  4. Oh my!!! After reading your whole post- All I can think of is 5 TEETH?!! Are you kidding me? That poor baby!! Mine is getting her second molars in now (def. both tops are coming thru- not sure yet about the bottoms- they may take another two weeks) and she is a mess. Usually she never pouts or cries, and twice now she's just straight out sobbed. (all because we couldn't go to the park) It's just not easy on any of us!
    That tureen is so darling! I thought something was up when I read $148- Sounds like one spunky ol' lady! Good for her! ;) Just glad you didn't suffer!
    and before I dominate your whole comment section- I will go- but I enjoyed your post- including the 'ironstone shelves'!!

  5. Wow what a fantastic trip! Love the idea with the ironstone shelves and bracket! I love anything ironstone! Thank for sharing! would love a home tour of a small town! ~lulu

  6. I loved that story of the 95 year old lady! too funny I had a great picture of her going on in my head lol! When I saw Cookeville I wondered if it was Cookeville, Tn. because that's where my Dad was raised as a boy and he still has a few family members there. We visited them a few times when I was little and I loved it! Have a great week, Theresa

  7. Apart from Baby Hughes cutting his teeth, you have been having a great time.Family outings, buying stuff......there's nothing nicer than buying stuff....and your stuff or tureen is great. Would have been awful if the dealer hadn't said anything and you hadn't got it. I look forward to seeing it filled with flowers. XXXX

  8. You know I am with you on the little ole lady going around putting "1's," in front of all the prices. LOL!
    Glad you got your white pot though.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with Baby Hughes.

    Great post, I enjoyed it very much.


  9. Sounds like you had a great day with family!
    Those "ironstone" shelves are a great idea and the real ironstone tureen is wonderful! What a funny story about the little old lady!

    I, too, wondered if you were in Cookeville, TN.
    I live about 1 1/2 hours from there. When I go, I visit Goodwill but don't know where the antique shops are located ~ could you share a few places?

  10. That is my childhood family car. My father was a fighter pilot in WW11 and I think he liked the really small cockpits. Although he had three daughters, he always drove small foreign cars. Guess who got stuck in the middle back seat?

  11. 5 teeth??? You poor, poor thing. And poor Baby Hughes too. I hope those suckers cut through quick. Good grief, I would've had 5 margaritas. One for each tooth.

    Love the new tureen. Can't wait to see it with flowers or a plant in it. Glad you had a nice weekend!!

  12. Baby Hughes is so adorable!! Is Infant Motrin your BFF now or what? LOL! Glad you got the tureen, it's beautiful. You and Mr Hughes have inspired me to try to find some antique/flea market type places around here. I think my hubs and I would have fun doing it together!

  13. So glad that you were able to get away. Isn't it an awesome seeing family...and going vintage treasure hunting?! :)

    Poor Baby Hughes!! Our Emma did the very same least you get the teething over quickly. :)


  14. I have been through four children teething and it is a pain in the...but they are so cute when they are curious like that. What a fun adventure you have had. Adding to a collection is always fun. Mine is the cream and olive green McCoy/Floraline pottery. I love it when people bring it to me.

  15. Hi Michelle

    The spring time change kicks my butt. Always.

    Do you know that I cannot find ironstone here at all! I mean it's nowhere to be found. I love that a 95 yr old lady is sneaky, too. Sounds like you had a great day.


  16. lol, the whole 95 year old lady scenario got me!! chuckle! That is too funny, glad you were able to bring it home, gorgeous! When you put your flowers in it, shows pics, so I can be jealous! oh and the spring forward scenario jacked me up all last week, I was a wreck, I need therapy! :) Happy Tuesday or it is Monday, margarita anyone!

  17. Hello sweet Michelle - I have missed you too! It feels wonderful to be back among my friends catching up on what I've been missing out on. I love the story of your adventure! How fun. And that tureen is FAB! What a funny thing that happened. It was meant to be.


  18. Oh that tureen is wonderful. And like you, I think that sneaky old lady is kind of funny, but shame on her for almost making you lose your tureen.

    And no margaritas? That is not right. Just not right.

  19. I am crazy in LOVE with that ironstone tureen...I have lots of pitchers...and lots of platters...but not one single tureen! Now, I'm on the hunt! ;o) ~mary~

  20. I've been lurking for a little while, but I am now an official follower of your gorgeous blog. I think it might've been the photo of the vintage Volvo that did likey. And that must be your lucky tureen! Gotta love mean old lady stories too.


  21. Baby Hughes is a doll. I love the story of the 95 year old woman marking up competitors prices. That just happened to us -- I didn't have my reading glasses and Thomas mistook a 7 for a 1. Unfortunately, no one ran after me when I left the shop! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the exception of no margarita!


  22. I LOVE your soup tureen...gorgeous! and what a funny store!

  23. Such a little cutie! Great pics, thanks for posting!

  24. Love all the vintage looking stuff! Its beautiful


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