A Little Bit of Randomness

Where in the world have I been?  I have sort of neglected my blog and my bloggy friends.  And, my house.  And, my etsy shop needs an update too. You see, I have been under the weather and hopefully I am on the mend.  Plus, it has been pretty darn pretty outside and well, baby hughes literally throws a fit to go outside to eat rocks, blow bubbles and chew on sticks.  Thank goodness he is down for a nap before we start round 2.  So, I hope to be a better blogger and a better etsier and a better housewife (well, we will see about that last one *wink*) this coming week.

Being outside so much makes me want to get started out there.  I really need to weed, but I constantly misplace my gloves.  So, I have to go get me a cute pair this year (shhhhh.... the real reason is: I am positive that there are spiders living in my gloves in the winter and so I never look too hard for them!)  And, we need a new springy doormat.  So, that is my goal this weekend- new gloves, new doormat.

We are still working on that laundry room.  Not hard mind you, it has been neglected as well.  Just needs some touch up paint and some fluffing.

We don't have a whole lot planned for this weekend... just your normal Easter stuff.  But, next weekend, we are going to the Bloomin Garden show.  I love this garden show!  They always have lots of booths with vintage garden stuff.  And, there is the annual killing of 2 gardenias. Each year, I buy 2 gardenias for inside the house.  And each year I ask the lady if they are hard to keep.  Each year she lies to me.  She is good too.  I honestly believe that this year will be different.  She should sell used cars, she would be a pro!  I adore gardenias, but they are suicidal.  I can't keep them in the house.  But, last year, I moved them outside and they took off!  Thank goodness I live in the South where I can enjoy them and their fragrance most of the summer.

  Also, at the garden show, they have live birds that are injured or otherwise can't make it in the wild.  And, every year so far they have had an owl.  Now, let me tell you something about baby hughes and owls.  He adores them!  Can't get enough.  You can hand him any book and tell him to find an owl and he will find it within 10 seconds.  I will go get him up from a nap and there will be a book open to a page with an owl on it.  He has a couple of stuffed owls (hootie hoot and mr. owl ,of course) and some owl t-shirts that I got off of etsy. He can't sleep without hootie hoot.  So, naturally, I love most anything that my monster loves.  I even ordered this from Anthropologie the other day:
Adorable huh?  I thought this would keep him from removing the kitchen towel from the front of the stove, where I like it.  No such luck, but he really likes the towel.  So, needless to say, I am really excited for him to see a real, live owl.  God help us if they don't bring an owl.... we have really been talking it up about them.  

Whoa, this post went a little random.  I hope to get it together this week and show you a laundry room update and share some vintage goodness.

Have a very wonderful Easter!


  1. You have A LOT going on and I am surprised you get as much accomplished as you do. Young children are extremely time consuming, but enjoy every moment as they grow up so very fast. And take care of yourself--don't worry about the house work as it will always be there!_LOL!
    Easter Blessings!

  2. I love that you have neglected your blog to blow bubbles with your monster...that makes me smile! The whole owl obsession makes me laugh too...mine is obsessed with tools...and tractors..like obsessed, he can tell you what tool made what sound when he hears it! so maybe your guy is going to be a wile life perservist and mine a builder! :) Happy Easter, enjoy the lovely weather,oh and I bought me some new plants for the garden too, it has been on my mind and spiders creep me out so I would buy new gloves too! lol!

  3. Hell there, friend...I have missed you. :) Glad that you feeling better though. We've had sickies in our house as of late, too. Hopefully, I will bypass it though...we shall see. Our laundry room is on my "nesting list", as I affectionately call it...so hopefully it will make a lovely transformation as I'm sure yours will. ;) Easter blessings to you, friend! Oh, and LOVE the owl towel!


  4. i am so glad your back! ive missed ya! i love how much he loves owls! too sweet!

  5. We all need a break now and then, and you have plenty of good reasons to take one!

    Baby Hughes is such a doll, him and his little owl loving self. :-)

    Happy Easter, my friend!


  6. I can't wait to see Baby Hughes see a real live owl !! Isn't it funny how they find something that really takes their imagination?
    I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Don't even think about boring old housework. That can be way down on the list !!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend and get yourself back to being 100% healthly. XXXX

  7. I'm so happy to hear you are are feeling better. Enjoy the garden show. I was obsessed with owls when I was a very little. I called them "ouls" !
    Have a wonderful Easter.

    I look forward to getting outside and playing in the dirt and sunshine too!


  8. Glad you are back!! Loving the owl towel. I love love love owls. So Baby Hughes has great taste.

    Maybe I will put a gardenia in one of my pots outside. Never thought to do that.

  9. glad your back - enjoy your post's -
    Hope you have a blessed easter!!

  10. Hope you are feeling better! Enjoy your Easter=0)

  11. My MIL has huge gardenias all over her front porch. Gorgeous! Me?? I kill them too. I kill everything unless there's a sprinkler system that hits the flowers. I'm pathetic.

    Love the dishtowel! Hudson does the same thing...always pulling it off the stove handle. :) Glad you're feeling better.

  12. i heart that towel, too!! i bought one for myself at my monthly (or so) pilgrimage to anthro.


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