Last Weekend

Well, I know it is Thursday Night and I am just now writing about our fun last weekend, but this week has been extremely busy with planting and bubbles and just enjoying the weather.  But here goes... oh, and this is a disclaimer... this post is long with lots of mediocre photos.... I had a baby on my hip the whole time trying to grab my camera.  

Last weekend we went to the Bloomin' Garden show like we do every year.  They were missing a few of our favorite vendors... Gardenia Liar Lady and Mr. Smokesalot who sells the most amazing citrus trees.  But, it was still quite great.

We got to see the wildlife rescue that rehabilitates birds.  There was a hawk and a crow.  But, most importantly (to baby hughes at least) there was a baby owl.  Unfortunately, the owl was in a little box and was quite sleepy... poor thing had fallen out of the I didn't get a photo.  The crow got his attention though... he was very loud.  We did find out in the booth next to this one that there is a whole owl sanctuary less than 30 minutes away... we will be checking that out soon.

These lilies were so pretty... and HUGE!

I so wanted one of these, but they were a little more than I wanted to spend.

This was a really neat water feature... too rustic for me, but the sound of the water was great coming off the tin roof

I love wheat grass!

This is part of one of the booths that I am always excited to see at this show... 

These canning jars were so neat with their glass lids... I came home with 2!

More vintage goodness!

Wanted it all!!  Look at those great urns!  And that is a horse waterer... I guess...I really don't know anything about horses

I have always wanted a tole chandelier... this one was petite and so cute

And check out that mirror... I am still regretting leaving that one there!

And, now here is one of my favorite places to visit... this is the booth that Three French Hens and The Roost in Nolensville set up.  We actually met these sweet ladies last year at this show and now we drive to Nolensville just to go to these 2 shops.  Check out the split peas... I want to buy some and put them in all kinds of stuff.... I just don't like peas!

Wanted this too!  Their booth was darling, lots of treasures.

Why oh why did I leave this bin there?  Hmm, maybe they still have one.

I also really want one of these necklaces.  The colors are so pretty!

I love moss wreaths

And, look at what they did with this brass chandelier... covered it in moss and wrapped the arms in fabric.  You can find this type of chandelier at the Habitat Home Store and do the same thing for your garden.

Moving on... so, after I bought a table from that booth (I will show you photos of it in a future post) we left the garden show to go out to Nolensville.  We had been there the past weekend and we found this great farmer's stand that was selling ferns and gardenia topiaries amongst other things.  Well, his prices couldn't be beat and his Boston ferns were HUGE!  Well, we bought 2 gardenia topiaries and some sun ferns for the deck.  So, naturally, we went back the following weekend when we had more space and bought the Bostons.  It was the weekend of the Buttercup Festival.  SO cute! And pretty busy.  We didn't get any photos, just because we weren't thinking. 

Well, we Mr. Hughes got this one... This was in the back of a little courtyard by a creek.  I want this to be my Studio!  

We found a great new shop that will be open for once a month sales.... Roses and Rustics.  The owner, Jane, has an amazing eye, I will definitely take photos next month at her sale.

After we bought 4 ginormous ferns, we started home.  We went through downtown Franklin and stopped by to see Scarlett and stopped by our weekly haunt

Sweet CeCe's.  Is Tennessee the only place where Frozen Yogurt is "in" again?  This place is too cute and baby hughes adores it.  He and I always share and my chocoholic husband gets his own... baby hughes and I prefer the fruity or non- chocolate stuff.

Then, on Sunday, Nana came to watch baby hughes while Mr. Hughes and I went to see this guy at the Ryman:

Can't tell who it is?  It is David Gray... one of the best shows ever.  He is amazing.  And great.  And British... have I mentioned I like most things British *wink*
Anyhow, I just found out that he is coming back to Nashville in August with the guy that just blows me away, Ray Lamontagne.  LOVE him.  And, it will be, I am sure, my all time favorite concert.  

So, last weekend was full of fabulousness.  And, as I am writing this, I am supposed to be packing for this weekend.  We were going to check out some places in North Carolina, but we just don't think baby hughes can take a 7 hour trip this weekend.... teething still and a little grumpy.  So, we are going to Chattanooga to the aquarium and stopping in some little towns along the way.

Here's hoping your weekend is muy spectacular!


  1. Thanks for the update!!! Hope and pray you and yours have a fabulous weekend!! ONE MORE DAY until then! ;)


  2. Just took my daughter to frozen yogurt today after school! I think it's making a come back! That show looked like loads of fun! Can't wait to see your new table too!


  3. Looks like so much fun!! I would love to poke around those booths! And what a clever idea, that brass chandy- it has so much interest now!

    I would love to have a few huge ferns around here- they are so pretty, and they do a really great job cleaning the air... Hubs, oddly enough has a fern phobia! Ha! He will not budge on letting one in the house!

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I love, love, love all the things that you loved at the flower show. That chandelier w/moss! That tole chandelier, wow. What a great ideas for a garden room or porch. Everything was fantastic! Where was Gardenia liar lady?


  5. gosh can't wait till i move there -
    I would love visiting that show -

    post some pics of Chat - i love that little town!!!

  6. So much eye candy! Thanks for sharing your day.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. All of those booths look amazing! Great stuff!

    Frozen yogurt is back in full force here in TX. I've seen 3 new shops open in the last 6 months.

    Hope Baby Hughes gets to feeling better and those teeth pop through!

  8. Okay, first off, I have to know the back-story behind those vendor names! Too funny!

    And I spotted that killer black mirror, too. Great minds.

    Looks like a fun time!


  9. WOW!
    I'm glad to see you got to do all this fun stuff after being under the weather. You guys saw so much cool stuff. I now know that I can not go to one of those shows!!! Everything is so cool, I just want it all, LOL!

    Hope you have another super fun weekend,

  10. Such an awesome weekend-what amazing finds at the flower show!
    David Grey does indeed rock and Ray Lamontagne, well--he is amazing. "You are the best thing" was the song on our wedding web site :) Can't wait to hear all about the concert!

    And I am an ice cream girl, for-yo tastes funny to me? So funny-on Cougar Town this week, one of the lines was "Frozen Yogurt is ice cream's b!tch!" I laughed out loud at that one :)

  11. swwony swoon swoon!! that show looks amazing, so many fun things to look at...and did I ever mention that I heart David Gray...A LOT and that Brittish accent, well it gets me every single time!! have a fun weekend!! hey come out to cali for a visit will ya! :)

  12. so glad you've been enjoying spring! have a great trip this weekend!

  13. Frozen yogurt making a come back? NJ never new it left! Lucky you - what a fantastic weekend you had. Love all the images you shared from the Bloomin' Garden Show. I am much like you when I pass on something I spend a week regretting it! I love the terrariums. David Gray! I think i wore the White Ladder disc out when it was released.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. So much to say to this post.
    1) David Gray. YUMMY!
    2) I must have that blue bin. Go back and get it and sell it to me.
    3) toile chandy must come to me as well.
    4) Apparantely, frozen yogurt is cool in our little town as well. Fresh and Fruity baby!!!
    5) that water fountain cabin thingy looks like were we stayed last weekend in Louisiana. A little too rustic for my taste but I get the appeal.
    6) Next time you go to a fun garden show, I'm coming with you!!! We could get into a lot of trouble.

  15. I think your photos turned out great!!! Looks like an incredible show!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  16. fun! i cant wait to see the table and some pictures of the ferns and topiaries! i would love to hear how this weekend went! have fun!

  17. What fun photos!!!! Thank you for sharing. I love checking in on your blog and keep it close on my blogroll. :)

  18. love those old urns and that mirror was fantastic!

  19. Dear Michelle,
    What a wonderful show. Such gorgeous things to look at and, more importantly, BUY !!I think that I would have come home with such a lot if I'd gone. We have Chelsea Flower Show here in London in May. You would LOVE that. It is the biggest, best and oldest flower show in the world. I don't think that I will go this year but I will try and do a post about it.
    David Gray is good, isn't he ? I'm glad that you love everything British....that means that you like me !!!! haha.
    We have been to Chattanooga and went to the Aquarium. It is the BEST aquarium EVER. It's the one that's called the Tennessee Aquarium, isn't it ? We loved it. It shows the story of a river and, you start at the top and work your way down the river. It's a shame that baby Hughes wont be seeing it as I think that he would have enjoyed it but there is always another time and, he will probably enjoy it when he is a bit older.
    Have a lovely time. I can't wait to see how much you like the Aquarium.... and, we loved Chattanooga. We stayed at the Station. XXXX


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