Herb Pot Covers

hello lovelies!  We were up super early (thanks, baby hughes!)  So, after breakfast I got up and started planting in the backyard.  I already have a mean blister and I still have the front yard to do.  And mulch.... we have to mulch this weekend.   And, I am putting together a mini herb garden in pots... here is what I came up with to cover them.

My parsley plant is small and sad so I will spare you.  I also made dill and rosemary.  And, I am listing them in my etsy shop, so if you love, love, love them they can be yours!

I am also planting some seeds that won't come up until next year... boo!  I like instant gratification.  Oh well, I will probably forget that I planted them and I will get a pretty surprise next year.  Just so you know... I am a very amateur gardener, but I have big dreams to become this:

How cute is she?  I will probably wear pants though and have a big floppy hat... where is her big floppy hat?  I wonder if she craves a margarita on the rocks with extra salt after a hard day in the garden?  I don't remember where I got this photo, but she is 89 and German.  She kind of reminds me how my sweet wonderful grandmother would have aged.  Except she was like 6 foot tall and this lady isn't.  
Oh how I miss her!  

Well, I am hoping the rain will hold off and we can make it to the Main Street Festival in Franklin or the Flea Market.  The house does need cleaning and the yard isn't going to mulch itself (see?  I already kind of sound like an older lady!)  Happy weekend everyone, hope it is beautiful!


  1. I am not a good gardener but I want to be so I am trying, we are working the yard this weekend, between flea markets, and I am super excited! love those little bags...sweet! happy weekend and brush those bangs a little while you ask Mr. Hughes for that something or rather you really want! :) oh and show some pics, I want to see!!

  2. I really do love them, but my herbs are in the ground!!

  3. Love the herb bags - did you make them? I would love to be able to go up for Franklin's festival, but other things happen. My flower beds need some new mulch, but will wait til all the tree "sqiggles" stop falling.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. The little herb bags are so cute. I just hope that I can grow the ones that I planted. My garden needs serious help. I'll get to it soon. But first, I have to go thrifting and yardsailing!


  5. Wow, could these be any cuter! I love them and might just have to get some! Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm trying my hand at an herb garden in one large pot!! Hope it workes... so far so good! I just love your little bags.What a great gift idea to give to a hostess this summer!!

  7. It looks as if you are already a good gardener, Michelle. Your little herb sacks are beautiful.
    I've been gardening for years and I still learn something new everyday. You just learn as you go along. I'm sure that it keeps you young and fit too. That German lady is wonderful for her age, isn't she ?
    Enjoy the garden this weekend. XXXX

  8. hope you make it to the flea market would love to see your treasures!!
    Happy weekend

  9. Those herb bags are really cute! Good job getting up early & doing planting...I need to do that pretty quick too. Finally the weather is getting a little nicer.


  10. Hi Michelle, I'm so glad you dropped by. These little burlap herb bags are just wonderful! I really enjoyed your trip to Chattanooga and the Garden Show, just love going to those! Thanks for letting me tag along, Hope you finished garden duty and were able to relax!

  11. This is definitely inspiring me to do some more gardening. Thanks!

  12. Hi Michelle,

    My dream is to become an old, eccentric gardening lady fool. Some people are afraid of getting old but I'm not! Getting old means you get "creative license" to do ANYTHING you like, it sounds like heaven to me!


  13. Super duper cute bags! I use mine in my laundry room. Looks so cute=0)



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