I Love, Love, LOVE Blogging!!

Hey ladies (and a few gentleman!)  Hope your weekend has been nothing short of great.  The other day I received 2 awards from Reid and A Day in the Life.  Thanks so much ladies!  I will pass them along in a minute.  But first,  here is another reason I love blogging... I won a giveaway from the fabulous Peanut Petunia.  A $50 giftcard from West Elm... want to see what I picked out?

Two of these babies!  They will be perfect in my living room on my relatively new bench in the living room.  Thanks so much Susan!

Okay, so there were different rules for the awards, so I am just going to make up my own and pass them on:

There are so many more, but 7 is my favorite number so I am going to stop here.  Thank you ladies for my awards.  

And, another reason I love blogging... my one year bloggiversary is coming up this week!  I am pretty thrilled that I stuck with this for a whole year, and I am no where near tired of blogging.  I had a blog that I started that got neglected when I got pregnant.  It was also called Vintage Junky, just on a different host.

Soooo, this week, I will be doing my own giveaway.  It is something I really think you will like.  So make sure you stop by later this week to enter.  Bye for now!


  1. Nice choice! Congratulations on winning and for your upcoming one year anniversary.

  2. Congats! You deserve it!! I recognize and love some of the blogs on your list and can't wait to check out the others!

    Have a wonderful week, Missy-JunkFest

  3. Ooh,. I can't wait to see what you do for a giveaway!!
    Happy Bloggiversary!☺

  4. Love Peanut Petunia! I really like what you picked out. Congrats on the anniversary!

  5. Congratulations on the win and your anniversary.

  6. You have the best luck with giveaways :) Congrats!! And happy blogiversary!!!!!

  7. You know I will be here to celebrate with you on your one year anniversary!! congrats...and those trays are super fun! Happy Monday!

  8. Happy Blogiversary and congrats on yor big win! Great choice of the trays!


  9. SO awesome! Congratulations on your win, awards and Blogiversary! It is totally deserved, your blog is so inspiring and fun. YAY!
    And thank you SO MUCH for the award, wow--I was not expecting that at all and I am really honored :)

  10. Ahhhh....I'm blushing....thanks so much for thinking of little ol' me ;o)

  11. What the heck!? You are a winning fool.

    Happy Anniversary, I can't wait to see what you do for a giveaway. Maybe I'll win. Wink, wink.

  12. You are so sweet! Thanks for including me in your lucky seven!!


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