Some bad news and some good news....


I will tell you the bad news cane beds were gone when I got there.  I was seriously upset.  I was in a vintage depression funk!  I almost cried... almost.  But, I realized that I had my 18 month old on my hip and what kind of example would I be setting?  I thought about them all day... all weekend really.  I wondered if they went to a good home.  If someone would love them like I would.  Then, I realized at what they were for the pair, that I would probably see them in another booth for twice that one day.  So, I moped and griped and got on Craig's List.  Nothing.  Went to a few places.  Nothing that could replace that warm spot in my heart for them. (Keep in mind that I have no place to set these beds up... they are for the future.)  My husband was sick of hearing me talk about them.  So he sent me an email.  With a link to a Craig's List ad.  And, here is what was delivered while I was at work today.


(I have told you I have a messy, messy garage!) I can't wait to go home and kiss them (not sure if that will be before or after I kiss Mr. Hughes and baby hughes...) Aren't they just as lovely as the others?  Perhaps they would even be the winner of the Furniture  Beauty Pagent. They were a touch more expensive.  But, what really matters in all of this is that I have  closure.  I can move on.

In other Hughes wanderings, we took a small road trip to a hometown of fellow blogger Jennifer.  She has suggested that we visit Fayetteville when I posted about The Plan.  And it is a darling little town.


The downtown was so quaint and just what we like.... some antique shops and some resteraunts right on the square.  It seems that this town has kept up its downtown nicely.  Lots of people were out and about (didn't hurt that it was sunny and 60.)


We ate at a little sandwich shop... I think it may be the one that Jennifer said that she really likes.

 The inside had an old general store type of feel.


Lots of stuff to look at...

Check out that ceiling and those lights

Then we strolled around checking out old store fronts that had been converted into offices and the like.


There were quite a few with the old hexagon tile entrances.


I wanted to rip this off the building and take it home with me!!


There was an old Theatre too.

We of course went to some antique stores and this one had some really great pieces like this cast iron fireplace mantle.  I didn't get to take too many photos in here because it was pretty dark.  


Then, on the way out of town, we saw this fella all dressed up for Mardi Gras (I am guessing that is what they were going for anyhow.) 
All in all, a pretty nice small town.  I don't think we will end up there (we still would like to be a little closer to the coast and this town is only like 40 minutes from us now.) but it is still a really cool place.  Lots of cute stone cottages...

It was a fun little road trip and we will be going on a few more longer ones when it warms up a bit.

Have a great week and I hope to finish up that laundry room this week.  Seriously.


  1. What an adorable little town. I just cannot get over the tile and the ceiling with the beadboard and schoolhouse lights. Love it. That one would be on my short list for sure.

  2. Glad you got thrifting closure! While it may take time to find your new town, it sounds like you are having a good time discovering new places.

  3. I love them better in a different way... i love cane, however I love the curves in these beauties. I want to see the pictures when you are done, I know they will be fabulous :)


  4. What a lovely town to shop and get ideas.

  5. I think the "replacement" is better then the original! It will all work out

  6. Oh my gosh.......those beds are so beautiful!! You must be in heaven! I have always wanted a bed exactly like that (just painted of course!) What a very sweet husband ~ I'm so happy for you :o)


  7. Love the beds!!!! And what a sweet, sweet Mr. Hughes you have. Very thoughtful indeed. Or maybe he just didn't want to hear you whine??? :)

    What a cute town. Love all the old tiles, ceilings, etc... Glad y'all had fun!

  8. Sorry about the other beds..I know you loved the craigs list beds though.

    Craigs list is sooo has great items and I Sold a bunch of stuff on there...better then having a garage sale :)

  9. So glad you found these beds!! Good job Mr. Hughes looking out for you :) Love that story. Fayetteville looks absolutely adorable!

  10. Beautiful bed....Mr. Hughes rocks for sure. Not been to Fayetteville but it sounds like a good road trip to me. If you want to check out another cute town try Watertown and I hear Gallatin is great too.

  11. whew! i am so glad you got your fix! and they are beautiful! i have always loved that style! maybe you can set them up in the garage! you know, like a little room. just so we can see and you can pretend. hehe!

  12. Ohhh, I can so relate. I *love* the new bed frame... just beautiful!!

  13. Love the new beds, and glad they came to live with you! That town is darling, love all vintage goodness....happy Tuesday sweet girl~

  14. Oooh, Mr. Hughes is a star....I want to kiss him myself for doing such a lovely thing. .... and, the beds are wonderful.
    .... and what a pretty town. It looks a really nice place to live. XXXX

  15. So awesome to see your photos. I grew up in Fayetteville and my mom and extended family are still there. That square holds lots and lots of memories. Isn't the court house beautiful? And, the sandwich shop is one I have eaten at several times. I now only live about 45 miles from there, so still go there often. BTW...the GW in Fayetteville is a great one. When I was a little girl, our class at school would walk from school to the theater to see movies for field trips. I remember seeing Pippy Longstocking there years and years ago. Awww...memories.

    The beds your husband bought you are beautiful. He did an outstanding job.

  16. OMG, I love those beds. It just goes to show you that if something was meant to be it will. Congratulations!


  17. OMG, never let that man go! LOL! That was the sweetest story ever. Well, almost ever.

    I have been pining over the window/pressed flowers art piece that I didn't buy on Saturday for days now (you can see it in my blog). Finally, I just broke down this afternoon and since I can't get to the antique store during business hours until Saturday and I feared it would be gone...I stopped working and called the store, gave them my credit card and pre-paid them so I can pick them up on Saturday! I wasn't taking any chances. (I also bought the street signs in my post over the phone!)

  18. Sorry, here the link to my blog, if you'd like to see the window art:

  19. That was so sweet of your hubs. I love those beds. Aren't you the lucky one.


  20. OMG! I am seriously freaking out of those beds. I get things off Craigslist...but NEVER anything that fabulous! Can your hubs be my personal shopper??? ;o) ~mary~

  21. I think the replacement beds are way, way better! Good for you! If I was single, I'd ask if Mr. Hughes has a brother (shhhhh, no tellin' Mr. Twig!)


  22. wonderful husband you have indeed...I did that with a cane chair I wanted to badly...but a WONDERFUL surprise awaiting for you!!!! And what a fun town too:)

  23. Just mentioned you in my newest posting... you'll recognize this cute burlap sack :) and LOVE the beds!!!!!

  24. oh, duh! I forgot to mention the most important details~

    and I'm doing a giveaway!!! Be sure to enter!!! Happy Wednesday!

  25. You know? I think you'll like those new beds even better!! What a cool town to visit- I just love eclectic old towns.

    I've given you an award, come over to check it out!

  26. I love caned furniture and would've been sad as well, but the curved foot board of the beds your hubby bought for you are amazing! I have longed for a French bed for my room for years...

  27. Sorry to hear that your beds were gone...but how sweet of your hubby to find another bed for you...and I really like the bed he found...and I mean...r.e.a.l.l.y. like.

  28. I stumbled across your blog today...the beds you got look almost identical to the one I'm currently painting for my daughter's room. "Garver Furniture Company" is stamped on the back of the headboard - I can't find anything on the web about the company. :(


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