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I haven't been doing a whole lot of antiquing.  It has been too cold and yucky snowy to get out of the house.  But, what little I have done has been wonderful!  First things first, here is part of the lovely giveaway that I won from Faded Plains.

I adore numbers and I have a gazillion places I want to put them, but until I narrow it down, they will stay on this little ironstone dish with my mercury glass birdy.

Then, last weekend, I found this pillow cover.  And, I was going to list it in my etsy shop, but I can't.  I think one day it may end up on one of my beds.  No, I haven't gone back to get them yet, but I am hoping they will still be there.  I actually called on Monday to see if they could hold them until Mr. Hughes could get a better look at them.  And, the gentleman said that he could only hold them for 24 hours and with a check.  Well, if I could get there with a check, wouldn't I just buy them?  Apparently he doesn't understand that I have been obsessing over these beds.  Anyhow, this pillow is lovely, huh?

And, my newest obsession (a lesser one *wink) are these vintage Ovenex loaf pans.  I have two now.  I also have two plain ones, but the design on these is fabulous.  I found one in an antique store and one on eBay.  Look what Tara did with hers!!  I think I may put some small plants or plant some wheat grass... I know, many of you are over wheat grass, but I still like the look.  Or a mound of moss...hmmm....

A couple of weeks ago, I found these trays.  And, even though they don't really look like the stuff I usually bring home, I was really drawn to them... probably the color.  They are this Moire enamel with gold accents.  I am going to list one of these in my etsy shop though.  There were two, and I thought someone else might like one!  It will be great for drinks.  I just remembered a set of cute glassware that would look great here... and it is at the same place as my beds, two reasons to go....

And, here is what the wonderful Mr. Hughes got me for Valentine's Day.  It is a brass and enamel birdcage that I have been lusting over at Scarlett Scales.  I was so excited when I saw it.  Isn't is darling? I have it on my white suitcases for the time being.  Maybe I will add a little plant or some shells.

Okay, that is all I have for now.  I do have to ask you a favor.  Please say a little vintage prayer that my beds will still be there tomorrow and that the sun is shining this weekend in Tennessee... now don't say a real prayer.  God has much more to worry about than whether or not I am going to stuff to beds in my garage until I get a house that can hold them...  bye for now!


  1. Well of course I love it all, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw your Valentine's present! What a smart man Mr. Hughes is!

    Off to stalk your Etsy now...


  2. I love that ovenex loaf pan! I hope you have not created a new obsession with ME! I am off to ebay to look for them!

  3. The bird cage is amazing, what a lovely gift to receive. My lastest obsession are 1970's hard suitcases in olive green. I have been collecting them for years but now I am on a real mission to stack them to the ceiling.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have such wonderful things....and your Mr. Hughes is a star, getting you that brilliant birdcage, you lucky girl. So much better than a bunch of roses !!
    I have everything crossed that you get your beds. XXXX

  5. I have oodles and oodles of those pans in my antique shop and buy them even though they don't sell that well. I guess they haven't caught on here in Idaho quite yet. I love that color of blue on the table. Everything blue sells instantly in my shop. What a thoughtful Mr. Hughes, he must have been paying attention somewhere along the way!


  6. I am in LOVE with your finds!
    That birdcage is amazing! I have been keeping my eye out for an awesome one for years--that is amazing.
    Love, love the pillow cover, the trays and the loaf pans--too cool!

  7. Oh the agony! I know about coveting things left at a shop. I hope you get them. Your little birdcage is gorgeous.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Happy Chinese New Year giveaway

  8. All wonderful finds, but that valentine gift is the best. Bird cages can be such fun. Will this one house a little feahered friend?

  9. I'm sitting here needing a good junking fix now that i saw your wonderful finds! You have a fabulous hubby.... your birdcage is beautiful!!

  10. Oh, I love those beds, and I think your vision for them is spot-on!! I also love that mercury glass birdie!!! (I have a crush on birds and fabric flowers lately...)
    You sure do get lucky at your thrift/antique stores~ Can't wait to see what you bring home on your next trip!

  11. Oh my goodness...lovely finds friend! ;) I ADORE the mercury glass bird and I must say that it would look PERFECT in my girls room....and my birthday just happens to be coming up in April....just sayin...;) Love the birdcage! Mr Hughes did well!


  12. Please list that little birdy and reserve it for me! :) Too cute! I love your bird house, and that pillow case is adorable.

    I am so over the snow, by the way. It definitely does make it hard to get out of a warm and cozy home.

    Good luck on the beds!

  13. Love your finds so much!!! They are wonderful...and makes me want to go out and have some fun:) Great surprise for you with that birdcage too:)

  14. Loving your Valentine's Day present!!! I love birdcages with tarnished silver picture frames in them. Some baby pics of baby Hughes?

    Praying your beds are still there. I called about my chandy yesterday. Still there!!

  15. Seriously loving that pillow cover...I would like advance notice if it ends up in the etsy shop! ;o) hahahha...and doesn't Andrea at Faded Plains have the best stuff??? I am crazy in love with those enamel numbers! ~mary~

  16. I might have to fight Mary for the pillow cover and no I am not beneath fighting with her!!! it is gorgeous...and of course I love the #'s and the loaf pan made my heart go pitter patter...I have another little concotion I am working with this weekend with a new vintage obsession and for some reason I think you will like it!

  17. Really pretty pillow cover and I love the loaf tin too!

  18. Great finds. The pillow is great!

  19. I hear ya about the loaf pans...I have a few...and have been picking up more...and how sweet of your hubby to get you the's perfect. Hope your beds are wating for you :o)

  20. I love the ovenex pan, but also fell in love with the table it is siting on. Gorgeous!


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