Who Cares What the Groundhog Said?

As I am typing this, it is snowing outside.  Big, fluffy snow.  Snowball making snow.  But, I am ready for Spring.  To get out in the yard and mulch and plant flowers.  I love the smell of fresh mulch... strange, I know.  So in the spirit of Spring, I have added these these mini burlap bags to my etsy shop.

These little bags can be used for so many things: give a gift in them or a bottle of wine, cover a flower pot, use them to hold your bulbs until you plant them, stuff them... even use them as table numbers for your party or wedding reception.

Mr. Hughes is going to try to take some photos of the finished bathroom tomorrow while I am at work, so hopefully I will be able to post about it tomorrow.  Now, I am off to work on the laundry room...


  1. I love those bags! And your pictures are so bright and cheerful ... makes me forget all about the 4 or 5 inches of snow I've got right now - and what's ahead.

  2. Heee hee, I think it's funny you like the smell of mulch. I love to make candles, and my candle supply site sells a scent called 'Fresh Dirt' or something like that. I never tried it, but I bet you would like it at a time like this!
    Those bags are great! Perfect for goodies!

  3. I'm obsessed with burlap and linen right now. Obsessed. :)

  4. I have to agree about the scent of fresh mulch...one of the little pleasures in life, in my humble.

    That groundhog is on my sh*t list for sure. I am reconsidering my stance on hunting...

    Can't wait to see the pics already!

  5. Those are just THE cutest!!! I'm going to check your etsy store right now :) Jen @ www.homesweetseattle.blogspot.com

  6. Well, there ya g! I just bought two. So cute, I can't wait to use them for gifts... although I may have to keep one for ME!

  7. Wow, I love those! You have great style. I absolutely adore your blog heading too.

  8. These are great! Just found your blog...such a fun one to follow! I'm new to blogging, and it's so fun to meet new friends!

  9. Hang in there sweetie, Spring will be here soon...I love your little burlap bags, so darling!...and I didn't know you went to work, where have I been?

  10. I am LOVING those bags. May have to add them to my purchases. Still shopping so bear with me.

    I am DYING for Spring.


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