Decorating Imaginary Rooms

I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines' Day.  I got some great gifts, but it is too dark to show them off by taking photos.  Instead, I have been decorating rooms that don't exist in my house while the paint dries on the laundry room project.  Now, I apologize for the quality of the above photo ( I took it with my camera phone while I was antiquing), but they are beautiful.  They are 2 twin size beds with a cane detail.

Look at that detail!
  Right now, we don't have a guest room because that is where the studio is. But, I am seriously tempted to go back and get these beauties.  So seriously, that I will not tell you where they are hiding.  They are that gorgeous!  So,  I am sitting here daydreaming about what I would do if I had a guest room that I could decorate around these lovelies.  

First things first, I would paint them... don't cringe... they truly are lovely the way they are and I am totally a green person, but imagine them a wonderful grey with silver leaf accents

Benjamin Moore Feather Grey from here.

So they will look similar to this:

Found here

And, since we are daydreaming and all that, let's cover them with this:

I adore Pine Cone Hill, we have it in our bedroom and it is swoony!
Here, I may go with the predominately white one... I am undecided on this.  Oh, and just so you know, in this imaginary room, there are 2 perfectly proportioned windows that the beds will sit right in front of... and there is the perfect spot for a vintage 3 drawer chest.
Found here

Metal that is.  And there will be a lamp on the chest

Found here

Mercury glass, of course... this is a dream room!
and a pretty vintage mirror hanging above

Found here

And the floors will either be refinished or painted white.  I do think that there needs to be something to warm their toes on, so let's do this:

Dash and Albert Swedish Stripe

Oh I almost forgot to mention that the walls will probably be this color

Porch Ceiling Blue from Martha Stewart found here

 above the beadboard, which is white.
And, what swoony dream room would be complete without a chandelier, (this one was original to my imaginary home, that makes it better!)

And to keep it from looking too pretty, I'll add this beat up vintage trunk.

Found here

Well, I am thinking about checking out those beds again next weekend and seeing if they happen to be in a booth with a sale.  And, they very well may be collecting dust in my garage in a week or so.

Well, back to working on my real life house, with real life projects, removing real life "original to the home" fluorescent lights.


  1. I lOVE decorating imaginary rooms! Sounds like it would be fab, you should definitely go back and get those headboards, it will haunt you forever if you don't, whatever else you would end up buying would never compare!

  2. Please GO get these headboards immediately!! This is the kind of thing you will kick yourself for not doing. GO GO GO!!!!
    And Happy Valentines' Day ;)

  3. I concure, go get those beds. What a fun way to spend the afternoon, I have photo files of rooms I adore. Thank you.

  4. BUY THEM!!! They are so pretty, and if you have buyer's remorse, you can sell them to me for my guest room! :-) Where have you been shopping lately? I need some new places to check out!!!

  5. Well... don't we have an eye for beautiful things. I sure hope you had a great weekend, good thing I do not live nearthe cane beds... I am sick for cane :)make this week a fabulous one.


  6. As soon as you get that imaginary room set up will you let me know cause I'd like to invite myself over for an imaginary vacation. You put together such fabulous rooms I can't wait to pretend see it. :)

  7. You must go and get them! I love cane detail and I love the whole imaginary decor you've dreamed up!!!

  8. Oh, I love it! It makes me want to redo Tess' room.
    And those mercury glass lamps? To die for!

  9. I just love your imaginary rooms!
    And I think you're nuts if you don't go back and rescue those cane beds before some other undeserving person steals them out from under you.

    Happy belated V-day!


  10. Hurry and buy them before someone else does!! They are fabulous!!! That really is a dreamy room you are planning- I hope it becomes reality for you!!! I think I could use some imaginary room decorating therapy myself!

  11. Sounds quite fabulous!! Wow I couldn't believe the price on that lamp!!! yikes!!! dream room indeed :-) Love that blue paint color.


  12. Yes, on occasion I also decorate imaginary rooms. :) Lovely pieces you found, friend.


  13. I see I am in good company when it comes to decorating imaginary rooms and dream homes! ;)

    Those headboards are great, and your guest room would be so welcoming! I must urge to to return and buy the headboards...I was at SalArmy and there were these yellow...not wicker, but...kind of had a tropical style...tables and matching headboard and footboard. Cheap. And I didn't buy it, because...where would I put it? Well...months later, I am still kicking my own butt over missing out on that set. I could have maybe used the headboard/footboard to create a daybed on our screen porch and used the tables there or elsewhere in our home.

  14. Okay...I'm really lovin' your imaginary room...I say...go pick up those fab beds.

  15. imaginary decorating is my favorite! Love these images!! :)

  16. beautiful! can i come visit and stay in your imaginary guest room? hehe!

  17. If you ever do get that room set up..can I come over for a visit, it sounds perfect!! Isn't it fun to pretend decorate? Happy Tuesday sweet girl~

  18. I am in love with this blog...:) Your style is beautiful...:) I am so glad I stopped in!
    Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I would love for you to stop in and check out Screaming Meme...It is a decorating blog....

    I have another comical blog called This Family's Gone Crackers...It is a comical journey of my family going INSANELY gluten free...

    Hope to see you there, Meme

  19. I'm so glad I just found you! I loved reading through all your posts-I can totally relate to "the plan." We have the same one ~ I'm hoping to find a coffee table to make it into a bench - that turned out great! Looking forward to seeing more ~ :)

  20. Hello!

    I noticed you have a mercury glass lamp in your "dream room." I have a mercury glass lamp very similar to the one in your post. It is old too. I came across your site while trying to gather some information on it and I couldn't find too much! Anyway, here are some pictures of the lamp on tinypic...

    I am going to sell it on Ebay within the week.

    Starting bid = $50... No Reserve!

    If you are interested or know someone that is you can email me at...

    Thank You!

    p.s. great site


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