Sometimes, the antiquing stars align

Hello~  Hope you all had a lovely weekend! My boys took me on a little treasure hunting trip to some places we haven't been in awhile.  And wouldn't you know, all the things I had been looking for were found!  I don't go hunting solely for me much anymore with a booth and etsy shoppe to fill, but yesterday, I did!  I had been searching for this exact picnic basket.  I think I love it because it reminds me of stripy tweed suitcases.  I hadn't been able to locate one locally and neither had the Mr.  Yesterday   I found 3! (I only bought one... I am not that big of a hoarder yet!)  I love shopping on etsy so much, but there is something about finding it in person that is so rewarding.  And, I have been wanting this exact size globe with pretty, saturated color for awhile and the Mr.  spotted one after I passed up one that was twice as much.  The unrusted sifter and the pretty yellow botanical were bonus finds.  There is something that I don't love about the frame on it.... the gold is too new looking, so there may be some changing to it.  I also found a suitcase for my stack that I  was sure was going to fit, but it didn't.  So, I am going to have to make some hard choices here in the next few days.

Today I have big plans of working on client pieces and then coming back here to play some baseball with my boy and maybe pick some flowers.

hope you have a most lovely day!


  1. That picnic basket is lovely I think it's a wonderful find.

  2. Love all your pretty treasures!! The basket is so sweet!! Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day! Happy sweet week to you! xo Heather

  3. I have that exact same picnic basket. I bought it at a sale in March. I'm still debating whether to sell it or not.. :)


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