Misfits Finished!

Hello and Happy Spring (haha!  it is actually snowing right now in TN) I finished the misfits last week, but couldn't get it together to write a blog post until now.  I was on sick boy duty and the Mr. was out of town all week, so blogging wasn't in the cards.  But, now the Mr is back (and is sick) and the boy is well, so I thought I could fit it in today.

Basically, I wanted all these chairs to look as they had been found *as is*  The only one that I didn't touch is that sweet black and white gal (her paint is chippy and showing green too!)

This is the formerly green girl.  I painted her a thick coat of a soft white paint and hope she chips eventually.  I didn't want to distress her... just let her age here and there.

This was the au natural beauty.... I painted her with a warmer white and distressed her.  Since she was so similar to the last one that I had already painted in the grey, I gave her a little something extra...

Maybe it is the desire to paint eggs, but I thought some soft blue stripes would be perfect.

This is the grey one... I painted her a mix of the soft white and a pale, pale grey that I call Mora Clock to make her sort of white, not quite grey.

If you have been reading my posts for awhile and have a steel trap memory, you will notice that this table is the table I originally used in my studio that is now a playroom.  I also changed out the curtains here and they were too short.  I have had these linen panels since college and I have always held onto them in case I ever moved into a place with really low ceilings again.

 What to do, what to do??

 I machine sewed a little band with some leftover linen from another project and then did a quick and casual blanket stitch along them.

So I have a completely different breakfast nook and really spent very little on it.  I really like moving stuff I have to new places. 

Here are a few other views of this little nook over the past 7 years....

I hope it is warmer where you guys are!  I am ready to spend more time outside!

bye for now~


  1. The chairs are adorable! I have a set of four with a matching square table too. I've been mulling over painting them differently as well. They are a matched set but I think it would give a nice vintage feel. So glad you showed this project! I love the blue stripes on that one chair too! Hope Mr gets well soon....nothing worse than a sick husband...they are not good patients!!

  2. Love the chairs and color and your nook is lovely! Have a great week! xo Heather

  3. Love how this all turned out! You made me take a close look at my wood dining room set and I'm considering painting all or part of it to update the look. If I do, I'm also thinking I'll use mismatched chairs instead of the matching ones that came with the set and do something similar to what you've done here.

  4. Your chairs look so cute! It was fun seeing your breakfast nook change and evolve!

  5. Your misfits look like the two green chairs that were left by previous owners of our house in the smokehouse. I treasure them and have kept the green peeling paint. I always thought they were called Kitchen Windsors. Have you ever heard them called that? I love their shape.

    Great job on the curtains too!

  6. Your mismatched chairs turned out lovely, Michelle. I love mismatched chairs. My sweet sis had the nerve to say to me the other day (when I showed her my antique farm table progress), "Now all you need is a set of matching chairs." SAY WHAT?! ;)


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