Mismatched Chairs

Last week when I was at my booth at Winchester Antiques, I turned around and saw the sweetest little chair (3rd from left.) I knew I had to have it even though I didn't know what I would do with it... I had my heart set on some industrial chairs with my recently repainted table in my kitchen nook.  I currently had a set of 4 white Navy chair knockoffs that we bought before we were married.  I always try to buy vintage when I can, but I was super tempted by 4 matching Tolix with my lion paw table.  After I got that sweet black and white beauty in, I saw how wonderful it looked at the table.

Rewind several months ago.... I found a little curved back chair (far right) and it was so lonely.  I bought it to sell at the store and painted it a weathered grey.  I kept telling the Mr that I would get over the industrial chairs if I could find a set of 4 just like this one. 

So, as of last Thursday, I had 2 curved back chairs with spindles in my possession.  Cue a text to my friend and shop keeper  Carol.  She had a green curved back chair (far left) that was similar... different spindles from the grey.  I liked it.  I took it home.  Then, we decided to go on a little hunting trip on Saturday.  My goals: yellow flower pot (check, McCoy) and a curved back chair, preferably in white, definitely not red!  And, as you can see (2nd from right) I came home with my prize in au natural!  So, after being quarantined for the past couple of days, I have been pinning some tables all with misfit chairs.  

 After much discussion that went sort of like this:
me: I am kind of liking the really mismatched look of the chairs... especially the wooden one.  Do you want to leave them as is?
the MR: no. I don't like it with everything else that is going on here.
me: all shades of white?
the MR: sure.  whatever.

He had more input later, but it is pretty decided that they will be white, but different.  I wish they were all *found* whites, but since they aren't, I do want them to look more collected and that different hands painted them. So, to get that look, I will probably use different kinds and colors of white paints.  That black and white one won't be touched though.  I love how in the last photo, they all have a similar shapes and spindles and different whites.  I am honestly surprised it has taken me so long to collect a bunch of random chairs... I always loved Monica's table *wink*

Back soon with the chairs' makeovers~

bye for now~


  1. Love the look..."collected style"...my favorite :)

  2. I love the look! I have 6 mismatched chairs like the last photo. I have 4 painted in 2 different color whites, and 2 left to paint when the weather gets warm. I'd leave your black & white chair as is, too. It's too darn cute to cover up with new paint!

  3. oh how i adore mismatched chairs around a kitchen table...sigh. :) but, alas, all of the chairs around our table do, in fact, match. my mister doesn't see the point of getting rid of our "perfectly fine" matching set, only to acquiring a set of mismatched ones. maybe your mister could talk to my mister so he would see it my way. ;)

  4. Never thought that many different chairs could look good together.

  5. Love ALL your chairs!
    I'm a huge chair ho myself!!!

  6. Love every pic you pinned and your chairs will look just as great!


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