Mixy Matchy Gallery Wall

Hellohellohello!  I have been gliding (tripping) around the house changing some things up since it is March and I am willing Spring to come.    I have been collecting (without realizing it) quite a few prints and frames (well, I realized the frames.)  I had done a gallery wall once before and I kept subtracting until there was nothing left.  But, I think the problem was it was too matchy...

this was after a bit of subtracting and now the entire room is different.

See, I am not really matchy... more mixy.  So, all the black frames and black and white prints are gone (with the exception of the silhouettes... they are perfectly happy on a pale blue wall upstairs.) So, after some framing and switching some things around, I grabbed a hammer and nails and went for it...

I did the whole kraft paper and tape thing last time.... this time, I jumped right in and there are a few extra holes, but there is also a huge dent in this wall from when I dropped the iron down the stairs.  I have to tell you... I would much rather jump right in and start hammering away then measure and cut paper and all that.  This isn't the final arrangement.  I figured I would add a few more prints and art here and there along with some hangable vintage finds too.  This wall is always smudged since it is white flat paint and now with all that happiness up there, I don't notice the smudges or that dent nearly as much.  I do however notice that carpet on the stairs.  I have had the runners going on 4 years now.  And, I have yet to rip up that carpet.  WHY do builders put carpet in areas that get the MOST traffic?  I would have been happier with plywood.  Oh well... maybe that will get fixed this Spring.  I am also thinking that rail would look nice black...

Well, before I get ahead of myself, there are a few other things that need to be finished first. 

Have a lovely week... and let's will Spring here together... maybe we need a chant... 

bye for now~

ps... here is my new blog if you are interested in stitchy little things


  1. Michelle, I love your new gallery wall. I am especially in love with the Velma's Beauty Shop sign! Always fun to see your home and your every changing design style.

  2. Michelle,
    I too love your new gallery wall and that Velma's Beauty Shop is so so sweet. Love that too. Going up your stairs is fun and sweet.

  3. Much more interesting! I really wanted to stop and look at each item on the wall, it really tells a story.
    Enjoy your day!
    ~Kris of Cricket Acres Studio

  4. Love all the sweetness on your gallery wall! Those green frames are gorgeous!! xo Heather

  5. Great gallery wall! We are the same-no planning ahead much for me. I'm more of the hammer and nail and adjust type!

  6. Very cute arrangement! Sometimes if we don't just "go for it" ...it will never happen! At least around here!

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