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I was thinking this morning... I haven't really been keeping up all that well with blogs (mine or yours) and such.  And, I think I may be in a little of a blogging slump.  But, while I haven't been necessarily doing bloggy things, I have been doing life things.  So, I thought I would tell you what has been going on the Vintage Junky house and sprinkle in a few photos of the newest pieces that I have completed for funsies.

 holly chair

First off, let me tell you about the fabulousness of last Saturday. For my hyena anyhow.  And, let's face it, if he is having a good time, most likely I am too.
We went to the Pumpkinfest on Main Street in Franklin.  But before we went there, we went to a train store.  Where he stole a "woowoo choochoo" (ie an ambulance) from a little girl and proceeded to take over the entire train table.  He loves his trains. I am amazed of how many names he knows and how I am pretty sure colors are coming next. Seriously folks, we quiz him.  And he knows most of those silly trains.
So, after I literally dragged him out kicking and screaming (and hitting) we went to the Fest. It was packed!  I dressed baby hughes in his owl costume in the car and we set off to the toy store to look to see if they had the woo woo choochoos... I am an enabler, I won't lie. They didn't (but amazon did *wink*) so he picked out Duke instead. 
Then, after walking around and playing with a random giraffe, we went to eat pizza (cheesebread for the raptor.) It is his favorite place to eat..... you can just tell.  He loves it. On our way home, we stopped by a cupcake place to get what he had requested earlier in the day... a cucake.
So, between the owl costume, all the train goodness, the cheesebread and the cupcake, I am thinking I am the most totally awesome mom ever.
What did he ask for the next day.... choochoos. And later... cucake.

hannah chest

And, as awesome as I am, I have been reluctant to give in to the whole train table deal.  I love my kid and all, but I really don't want our home to look like a daycare.  Sorry if that offends you, but it is the truth.  But, after seeing that monster like totally zone out and really get into it, I am going to let Mr. Hughes build a train table... actually repurpose some furniture that we have in the garage.  I am pretty tight with Santa, so I have a pretty good idea that baby hughes will be getting some pretty swell Thomas stuff this year. And, the little table downstairs isn't going to cut it.  And, apparently the floor won't either.
Which brings me to my next "what I have been doing point"
I am almost completely finished Christmas shopping.
That is right. Throw some confetti and do a happy dance for me.  Just don't hate.
You want to know my secret... free shipping.  Oh and etsy of course.

Ingrid chest-- went to a new home in a nursery *smiles*

And, while I haven't been really mixing things up in the house (a few things in the works)
I have been purging still.  I redid the bookshelves and got rid of some books.
And, the house has been pretty clean for the past couple of weeks too.
And, the laundry has been kept up too.
I found that if I don't wait until the hampers are exploding and the Mr is complaining that he has no socks, that the laundry will be in control. So, I do a load every other day.
Exciting and compelling, I know.

Pretty silverleafed knobs and toile lined drawers

And, we have been taking a few steps to expand the business.  Mainly, looking for another place for a second Vintage Junky booth.  And, taking steps and spending money on my business always makes me a wee bit nervous.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I don't like to fail. Especially when it involves money.
I am excited that a few Vintage Junky items (like the Holly chair) are at Winchester Antiques in Franklin.  I don't have a booth there, but the owner was nice enough to allow me to place some items there.
I am also getting a few things ready for my etsy shop (which I updated the other day with some vintage lovelies) and for my booth at The Roost (which is having a open house this Saturday.)

And, guys, I am ready for Christmas.  I am ready to make new stockings and new ornaments and lets face it..... I won't be able to make it thorough without adding more snowflakes.
So, be looking for some craftiness in the near future.
So, I am finished with the play by play of recent happenings.

Bye for now!


  1. You are so talented!

  2. Michelle - you've chosen one of my favorite colors for the first chest of drawers but I adore everything else too! It sounds like you are enjoying every little bit of LIFE - good for you... another blogger advised people to "Embrace It" and I agree... stop by my post today if you can, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  3. Well i know exactly how you feel. I've been busy doing "life" things as well. Eating chocolate and watching stupid tv series :))

    Great things, so crafty.


  4. Love, love the furniture! :) Oh...and the owl costume was adorable....sorry...totally meant to comment on your post, but had to deal with a toddler. :) Good luck on the expanding of the business!


  5. Great post! So glad you are living life and almost have the Xmas shopping done. Do tell where you are getting all this free shipping?! I'm making ornaments already too. Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away! Take care.

  6. That Holly chair is so beautiful! I want!!!
    I totally go through blog swings too--sometimes I'm really into it and others it feels like a chore.
    I finished my Christmas shopping too (in the beginning of October.) LOL. I'm a true freak. I am supposed to be writing a novel this month so that motivated me ::wishful thinking!::

    I cannot wait to see Mr. Hughes' train table! It's going to be so gorgeous! I bet there would be a big market for some replications of those (I would definitely buy!) Our house totally looks like a daycare--hahaha! You're smart :)

  7. Train tables are so fun! I was also very reluctant for the same reason. But fortunately ours has drawers where we can stash the mess when company is over and she spends hours playing with those trains!!!

  8. Gorgeous furniture!

    I found that when my son was little, the train table limited him. He was more of a build it all over the basement kind of track maker, so we gave the table to a friend.

  9. Being too busy to blog because you're living life is the *best* reason.

    I expect to see a Vintage Junky franchise sometime in the not too distant future, my awesome mom friend!


  10. I just love reading your posts and this one is so much fun. Pretty soon your home will be full of choochoos!!!
    Lovely furniture transformations too. Love the colors.


  11. Did we miss pics of Little Mr. Owl?

    I just love your furniture pieces, I could find places for those here in our house. Gorgeous.

    I was in a blog slump, or it was starting to feel like I was...but now I'm doing The 30 Days of November and I hope to keep that commitment. But, I think it's just normal.

    Have a happy week! xo

  12. P.S. - how exactly did you string your paper snowflakes that were hanging from your dining room ceiling? I want to make some to hang from our windows, and I was trying to work out how to best to string them.

  13. What a fun post. It's nice to read about Life, even including life's laundry. I love how you throw the little *winks* in too. Pretty cute!


  14. Sigh! I am so in love with blue! I love all of your pieces!


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