Vintagey Christmas Ornaments

hellooooo!  How are you.... did you watch Deathly Hallows... I did!  And, I went all by myself.  But, don't be sad or think I am a total loser...  I really wanted it to be that way.  I went on a date with myself.  I only wish I would have bought myself a bottle of wine and treated me to a pedi.  But, I had to get back so we could get ready to go out of town for a birthday party.  On the way back, we stopped by a great train museum (the Casey Jones) for baby hughes.  He had a great time there. So, this weekend has been a little busy.  I did squeeze some time to finish a little Christmas ornament project.  Mr. Hughes occasionally picks up things that he thinks I will like at Goodwill.  And, this time it was a winner.  I only figured it out like 6 months later.

So, he brought me home some little tart tins.  They are cute as is, no?
But, I thought they could use a little dressing up...
Mr. Hughes punched a whole in the top using an awl and a hammer (I don't think he trusted me with Christmasy type projects after my Joy project last year.)

So, Mr. Hughes printed me some of the silhouettes that we used on our Christmas cards last year, per my request.  I cut them out and used little glue dots to attach the silhouette to the tin.
Then, I used some black and white baker's twine (LOVE that stuff!) to make a hanger.

And here is our start to our Christmas stuff this year.  

Unbreakable and cheap!  The best kind of Christmas decorations (except for mercury glass *wink*)

Here is something I did just to make the glittering more fun this year... glittering is fun on its own right?
This is how my german glass glitter came.....

Well, I have had this little shaker forever.  I loved it!  I think I found it at the flea market.  I wish I had a whole mess of them!! So, now my decking the halls will be way more fun.

I will be working on a few other Christmasy type vintage projects soon so I can have them ready for when we get the tree (hoping it will be this week!)

So, how are you decorating for Christmas?

Bye for now!

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  1. i'm gonna say it...

    those are so cute!! and it just so happens that i have some of those tiny little tart tins and haven't known what to do with them.

    now i do.
    and i can't wait. ;)
    happy monday!!

  2. Very good idea! Thanks for sharing....Tallulah's

  3. This is an amazing idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I've got two little pans that i picked up recently, I think I'll try to experiment when i get a chance.

  4. They came out great! I just bought some tins at an antique fair for the same purpose - ornaments. Mine are all rusty and dark. Just the way I like 'em! lol Happy Thanksgiving...just in case the week gets away!

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  5. Great minds think alike I guess, I have some of those little metal tins that I am making Christmas ornaments out of too, although I'm not putting silhouettes in mine I love the idea and the look of it though. And I store all my glitter in old shaker bottles. Love using them that way and I love your shaker bottle, it's just the thing I would have snatched up if I had seen it at a flea market. Happy Holidays!

  6. Soo cute Michelle, love what you did and you personalized your tree in the process! and it is so funny but I have small glass bottle with a metal lid sitting in my medicine cabinet with no use, I think it needs to go to you for your glitter, I am sure the mister can punch some holes in the top for you!! hehe!! xo

  7. hey michelle! what a good man looking out for you at the thrift store! i too have some of those little tins and plan on hanging them on the tree! however, i love your silhouettes idea!

  8. Cute, cute, cute!! You could do a branch tree and hang these little guys on there...or not. ;)


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