I have a confession....

Here goes....I don't like Thanksgiving food. There.  I said it.  I never have.  Now, my mother will tell you (hi mom) that this is some sort of a rebellion that began when I was 5, that I used to eat anything.  But I am not believing it.  I can't remember a time when potatoes didn't literally make me gag.
See, I lump what I consider "Thanksgiving Food" into the same category as "Country Cookin"
And, while I think Paula Dean is very entertaining, I probably wouldn't eat a whole lot at her house either.

And, just for the record, I don't necessarily like being weird or different on this holiday.
I mean, it is quite obvious when my plate only contains a slice of ham or turkey, some green beans, and a roll... oh and the one thing I really like.... Cherry Slop (the one thing that Mr. Hughes thinks is disgusting... maybe it is the name..... just so you know, my grandpa and I coined that name  when I was little... it is really called Cherry Fluff.... much more appetizing huh?)

Then, I get the looks.... and the eye rolls... and the snippy "that's all you are eating?"  from my sister who loves Thanksgiving food.  Then the guilt and shame sets in.... I feel as if I am offended whoever made the meal.  Then "Are you sure you don't want some potatoes and gravy?"  I would rather eat cardboard.
"No dumplings for you?"  No, thanks really, I am fine. "Don't you want some pumpkin pie?" LAY OFF!

Now, usually the guilt I feel sets in with the menu making process... there is always some talk, "well, we will have to have turkey AND ham because Michelle doesn't like turkey all that much."
And, "we have to be sure to have some brown rice since Michelle doesn't like green bean casserole."
And so on and so on.  And, don't get me wrong, I can be teased... I can take it.  But this is worse.  This is concern. As if something is fundamentally wrong with my genetic makeup because I won't eat soggy bread casserole (stuffing/dressing.)

I always assure them that they don't need to make special arrangements, that I am in no danger of starving.  That I will find something to eat.  I would rather everyone not even know about this.... I would rather sneak into a corner with my small plate of food and eat it quickly and exclaim how good it is and how full I am.
But no.... everyone is always checking out what is on my plate.  Why... there is no reason to make sure I am eating, trust me... I am not too skinny!

Am I a picky eater.... probably by your standards.  But I will eat stuff that my non-picky sister and my non-picky mother wouldn't touch.  Crab legs.... yum!  Fish tacos... the best!  Calamari... bring it! I could eat olives all day long!  And, Mr. Hughes LOVES Thanksgiving food and is entirely in love with dressing... I really think if I pressed the issue, he may choose it over me. So, I guess I am a bit of a spoil sport. And, you ask, why don't you just pretend you like it... because when it comes to certain things, disgust is on my face, I can't swallow it without gagging.  Just try it, you say.  I HAVE, and I don't like it.  And I am an adult and if I don't want to eat it, I am not going to eat it!

But, before you put on your judging pants and call me a Thanksgiving Scrooge, let me tell you a few things that I do like about Thanksgiving.

Being at my grandma's early while she made the pies.... she would always take the cuttings from the pie crusts and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them for me.

The parades.  I adore the parades!  And, my mom told me that the only parade that had the REAL Santa in it was the Toronto parade.  Santa is pretty busy this time of year, and Toronto is pretty close.  So, baby hughes and I will most definitely watch that one tomorrow.  And, it has always been my dream to actually be there in NYC for the Macy's parade in all that madness.

Spending time with family.... well, I have been honest with you about my food issues, so let me change that to  most family.  I love getting together and seeing people that I haven't seen in awhile.  

Realizing the things I am thankful for every day... the trivial ones like heated seats on a cold morning.  And the much more important ones like how in love I am with my little family

Playing games... like Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, and so on.
Here is something else you should probably know at this point:  If I want to keep you as a friend, I will never, ever play a game with you.  Because you will probably not like me much.  I am a little ruthless.  And a bit of a bragger. And a sore winner... but not a sore loser.... why?  Because I never lose.... 
There was this one time that my mom beat me at Clue, but that was because my sister didn't show me the card that she had.  But that was the only time. But, my family has to keep me and love me, so they also have to put up with my domination of any game.

So with all that being said, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and if we ever spend it together, I promise not to wrinkle my nose at your plate of dressing if you promise not to shove potatoes down my throat.
And, when you fall into your food induced coma, you can rest your head on my sleeping shoulder and tell yourself that I also ate too much.
But, we will both know it was from the wine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bye for now!
I am also not a Black Friday shopper... still love me?


  1. I'm often criticized for my Thanksgiving eating, as well! I get the "That's not enough to keep a bird alive" comment every year. I don't like turkey, I can take or leave casseroles, and mashed potatoes are not my thing. My Thanksgiving plate usually consists of the driest, crustiest corner of dressing I can find, along with canned cranberry sauce and a blob of sweet potato casserole ONLY if it's covered in marshmallows.

  2. So funny, I can see people doing that to someone who didn't eat all that stuff. My 4 year old is so very picky and it drive me nuts....I think I will be more patient with her this year, thanks!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Me neither, I can't stand anything served on Turkey day. Would MUCH rather go out for sushi.

    I knew I liked you for a reason. :-)

  4. you are a crack up! I still love ya despite your non- eating thanksgiving food habits because uhem, err, I don't much care for it either, except the potatoes, we still friends? :) oh and I am not a black Friday shopper either....thanks for making me laugh, and if we ever spend turkey day together we can both nap from the wine! amen sister! xo

  5. hi michelle,

    still love you? even more now. thanks for an honest appraisal of thanksgiving. you can only imagine what it is like being a vegan on this day. and we really cannot play games around here either. we are both too ruthless. we stick to a hike, some football and maybe a sappy movie to end the evening.

    so glad we are cyber friends.


  6. LOVE this post...I was a picky eaer when I was younger and there was always someone concerned about what I had on my plate at the holidays. One of my twin sons absolutely dislikes anything served at Thanksgiving, he is extremely picky due to he cannot smell and food is all about texture...he gags with mashed potatoes also. My other two sons in the last couple of years acquired a taste for the turkey meal. So, years ago when the boys were about 5 & 4 and I could see that the turkey meal was not a favorite...I started our own tradition....we have a huge breakfast on turkey day....bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast, hash browns, eggs, sausage gravy, biscuits and our dessert is usually cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, etc. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Funny post. :D One of my Grands is very picky, and probably would not even eat turkey if did not have some ranch dressing to dip it in.:)
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Right there with you! So funny...and I thought I was the only one! I've been vegan for two Thanksgivings, and it's fine. I'm the weird one who usually loses weight this week. :) I don't like the mashed potatoes or regular stuffing, and detest sweet potatoes. I'm bringing a salad, and some beer bread to dip in my spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer. :)

  9. Haha....love this Michelle :) I love Thanksgiving for the getting together and cooking part. I really end up not eating very much. My hubby on the other hand....he single-handedly eats for a family of 4. Swear.
    And I am soooo not a Black Friday Freak (thats what I call them). Im all snuggily and warm at home while the crazies are all out. Me and the kids usually bake on Black Friday.
    Have some extra Cherry Slop for me girlfriend :)

  10. That was AWESOME. I happen to love the TG menu, but my least favorite part is the turkey, who is supposed to be the star of the show, so go figure. But I think TG is about being thankful for our blessings and bounty, regardless of what's on the menu. If you came to my place, I'd be happy to whip up some fish tacos for you. And I'd be happy to let you play games with someone other than me. I'm more of a "Look how cute the little pieces are! Let's name them!" type of board game player, with little regard for the rules. You'd not be down with that.

    Happy TG to you and yours, whatever you consume.


  11. Happy thanksgiving
    You make me smile and laugh
    love your honesty
    thanksgiving isn't my favorite either except for a few favs but id rather eat regular food as you mentioned too

  12. An amusing post. I get it. As an adult, I do better but as a child... ugh...

  13. LOL! You are too funny! My hubs doesn't like Thanksgiving food either...he'd rather order a pizza. :) Oh, BTW...my grandma would do the same pie crust thing for me too. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


  14. You are too cute! And of course i still love ya! my least favorite thing is the turkey... i find it so boring... and don't think about serving me green beans slurped in canned soup with weird things on top :) i don't shop Friday either... can't stand the crowds i'll pay full price before i hit the stores with all the crazies!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving your way!!!

  15. too funny! i wish i hated all that food that i devour on thanksgiving! however, i am not a black friday shopper either! too crazy! i hope you have a wonderful and guiltfree thanksgiving! xo

  16. Being a Michelle, eat, don't eat whatever. People should just be thankful for the company of their family. Personally, I'd settle for an entire pumpkin pie and some real whipped cream. The rest of them can keep the rest of the stuff for themselves. Come to my house, I'll cook whatever you like along with my pumpkin pie! You could just remind them that it is a day of Thanksgiving and they should remember that rather than fixate on what you are or are not eating.
    The whole winning thing, you go girl!


  17. Love your post! Needed a good laugh before bed. No TG food for us tomorrow, KJ is working.. going to Ruth's Chris for P's bday.
    Hope you enjoy your Thansgiving with your family.
    Piperton, TN

  18. My constant refrain every Thanksgiving is: "Why can't we just have tacos? I'll make them with ground turkey!" I typically say this on Christmas as well. I'd rather snack all day on my mom's 5 layer (taco!) dip than have a gigantic, traditional Christmas meal.

    But my husband loves the stuff. I guess should just be thankful that I don't have to cook any of it! This time, we're going to a restaurant for our Thanksgiving dinner since we've had too much snow to drive to family, so I don't have to worry about offending anyone when I tell them to hold the candied yams. Talk about gagging.

  19. Ha ha, cute post! ;-) I don't like Black Friday shopping either (can't stand the crowds) but might get talked into Midnight Madness at a small shopping center near here tonight....hope you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  20. so you enjoy food with some flavour? Yeah...me too. This was a funny post...one where I'm nodding my head through the whole thing and laughing:)

  21. Michelle,

    While I don't abhor turkey, dressing and all the vegetable creations that go with them, they are not on my favorite foods list. You could have been describing me when it came to playing games! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your blessings.

    Your Friend,

  22. PS I don't do Black Friday either - read my linked in post "The Big Chill" about my one and only super sale survival.

    And yes, still love you (and Baby Hughes!)

  23. Well, since my sister is a vegetarian and I have my own strange eating habits - I can't find fault in you not liking certain foods. I don't like turkey, I'd rather have ham. But bring on the stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. Sweet potatoes. Cranberry sauce (or chutney or relish - whatev, as long as it is homemade, preferably by me. My MIL made it this year and...meh.). I can take or leave the green bean casserole, this year it was watery, so no thanks. And pumpkin pie? Well, I baked two Apple Butter Pumpkin Pies, one with streusel. I don't even like pumpkin in pie form. I'd rather have pumpkin noodles. Pumpkin Ravioli. Pumpkin anything but pie. Anyway, my point is - I don't judge. Eat what you like, what you can find that you like.

    Also, I don't do that whole Black Friday thing. So ridiculous.

    P.S. - My hubby and I are the reigning Trivial Pursuit Champs. Just sayin'...

  24. not sure how i missed this the first time around, but you should know all this just makes me like you even more ;)


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