Just a Phase

Hello, hello!  I have to you you something about myself.  I have a favorite color.  It is green.... I am a green person.  Then I have a preference for a few other colors/ shades.... grey, aqua, black, white, brown.... occasionally pink.  But never yellow... not that I don't like yellow... I do....just not one a love.  But people, I am apparently going through a yellow phase....I think it started way back with this lamp:

In my mind, this is the perfect shade of yellow... let's call it key lime pie yellow.... 
(People, key lime pie is yellow... not green... if you are eating a green key lime pie then you are eating food coloring)
Anyhow, this yellow is perfect...
I found the base at an antique store and Mr. Hughes rewired it and I covered the shade.
Then I started buying other yellow stuff

 this yellow and grey planner...
what you don't know about this planner is that it has secret *just for me* grey fabric with silhouettes  of pigtailed girls.
found~ here

I also got this snuggly afghan... I love chevron too.
found~ here

Then this little piece of happy fabulousness
really... yellow and grey?  Genius.... it is like a sunny day and a rainy day mixed...
like salty and sweet...
like kettle corn
found~ here

But, now I find myself thinking about yellow fabrics and how to bring a bit of sunshine into our 
library/office/train table room.
So here are a few that I am lusting over....

 all found at fabric.com
For the record, Mr. Hughes says that yellow may be too distracting to work around all day and it is partially his office where they would be.
 and, don't you think I need this.... I mean, it does match my lamp!

found at laylagrace.com
Then, the final straw in this phase...
I collaborated with a  certain Margarita Sister to design this bag:

We will call it the Suzy.... and that may or may not be the name of its creator *wink*
Sorry for the awful photos.... it was early and cold and grey..... I think my hand was shaking from the shivering....

AND, she is reversible! I love it!  
Just remember... this is just a phase....
I am a green girl.....

Bye for now!

once I get some better photos, I will list this design in my etsy in case any of you are going through a yellow phase as well....


  1. Yellow is like a splash of sunshine. I admit it has grown on me lately too. BTW, I don't think your photos are awful at all.


  2. I am not a yellow girl either, but I would put all those lovely items and patterns in my house. Of course, I may or may not be getting influenced by the gray winter weather here in the NW. . . sunshine sounds define :)

  3. I Love all of these! I am definitely embracing yellow right now. My love: yellow trays, lamps, and stationery.

  4. Lovely finds! And what a perfect combination green and yellow make for Spring. ;)

  5. That bag is beautiful! I just love all your yellow stuff!

  6. heLLo I am the yellow.. love with all my heart girl.. so i think all your items you just posted need to come to my home!!!! giggles! Welcome to the land of yellow!!!It's a happy place :)

  7. I love this phase you are in, la la love it! and if I had it my way all those fabrics would be in my dining room to lighten the place up! Love the new bag, love that it is reversible and big to carry my camera...and now that I think about it, I am glad you are liking yellow...cause uhem, I might have well something in the works for you that has yellow! just sayin; maybe!

  8. I grew up in a very yellow home. So very yellow that it was sort of too much, and therefore I have never gone there in decorating my own home as an adult. But I will admit that I would LOVE Love love to have a yellow sweater--a cable pullover or a cashmere cardigan. I think it would be just the thing.


  9. I'm a green lover too but I am loving every picture esp. that rug, so fun!

  10. I love yellow. It makes me smile. Someday our kitchen and dining room will be painted a nice sunny, buttery, creamy yellow. Finding the perfect yellow has been quite a chore. LOL

    I MUST have that bag. I love it...the stripes, the yellow, it's reversible, THE RUFFLE! <3 <3 <3


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