Burlap Bows

Hello all!  I am taking a short break from the birthday madness!  Just a short one though.  I went last night to check the fit of the cushions on Hazel.  They fit just right.  So, I only have to make 3 more cushions.  See... it hasn't been all birthday party stuff here... we have other priorities, people!  *laughs*

I just opened up my computer and thought I would share with you something I did for the booths... something to add a little oomph to the chairs... and it keeps people from setting cool rusty things on light upholstery (I hope!)

Introducing the large burlap bow!  Fun, huh?  I hope it serves its purpose and it looks like a fun present too!  Well, that is all I have today.  The hyena and I are off to pick up paint and run some other errands.  Can you guess what new color I am adding to the Vintage Junky lineup?  

Oh, and grey ruffled pillows will be back in the shop today!

bye for now!


  1. What is with people setting rusty and dirty stuff on an upholstered chair, anyway?? That happens at my shows all the time. They want to open drawers on a dresser or something...and they think nothing of setting a rusty piece on a white linen chair. Really?? I mean, what if that happened in their house? Ugh. Love the bows, that is a fantastic idea!

    And new color....hmmmm...yellow??


  2. Oh geez, lots to talk about...
    1. Love the bow idea! So cute!
    2. Since I follow you on Pinterest I'm thinking green is your new addition. Love that too. I just started using Antibes Green Chalk Paint. Have you tried it yet? It's great for painting indoors in this unbearable heat.
    3. Love the grey ruffled pillows. I think I may need a few for my living room redo. I'll be checking the Etsy shop.
    4. And one last thing...where do you find most of your pieces? Do you ever go to auctions. I'm thinking about going to my first auction on Friday, but I'm not sure what the prices are like and if it's worthwhile.


  3. I like the big butt bow LOL that will keep people from sitting on your gorgeous chair

    I like the turquoise faded color of the chair ? or is it mint green whatever it really pretty


  4. The bows are great! And cheap!
    Can you recommend a process for prepping furniture for paint? I have a wood varnished high chair that I'd love to repaint, though my previous attempts with primer have been lackluster and my previous attempts with sandpaper have caused me to spew expletives. :)


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