Check and Check!

Hello and Happy Monday!  It is the beginning of a new week and I am excited to have a few things checked off my To Do list... you know, the non essential to do list.  First of all, I finished those dining room chairs that I begged Mr. Hughes for:

I painted them a light, light grey and added a little more cushion... you know... for our bottoms *wink* You will be pleased to know they are no longer stuffed with crunchy horsehair.  Then, I covered them in a charcoal grey linen.  I wanted a fun pattern to play off the pattern in our draperies, but in the end, I really ended up liking the solid.  It matches the ribbon on the draperies and also the face of my vintage clock.

Then I did this quick and easy project by following Ashley Ann's simple steps:

So easy!  baby hughes says they are snowflakes (and you know I love snowflakes) so maybe I will put them away until Christmas.  But, for now I will enjoy them.

As for the finish on the chairs...hmm... where do I start?  Well, let's just say that I was less than happy with a certain big name company that produces primer.  I tried a new formula.  It seems to have clashed with the paint that I always use.  In short, the paint never dried in some areas.  That has never happened (part of it is the lovely heat and humidity that we are having, I am sure.)  And I had painted 3 chairs.  So, what to do?  Do I strip and repaint the 3 and not use the primer on any of them or do I paint the remaining ones with the primer and hope to get the same results?  At this point, I had taken sandpaper and a drywall trowel to them.  And, I was sort of digging the look.  So I went with it.  And it looks pretty authentic.... like layers and layers of paint had been worn down by years instead of my vengeful hands.

I call it "Accidentally Authentic." And if you want me to recreate this finish for you, there will be an upcharge *wink*  And, since the dining room is once again finished (for now!) I thought I would show you what it looked like almost 5 years ago soon after we moved in...

And now, from a slightly different camera view...

We have changed the chairs and the draperies and have taken some things down and put some up.  That wall color will remain though.  I always love change, but that is the one wall color in the house that hasn't been up for change in all the time we have lived here.  Okay, kids, I have to get some invites out for someone's 3rd birthday.  Oh, and I read that book on my to do list too! check, check, check!!

bye for now!


  1. they look so fabulous! i love their legs- i didn't even notice the cute feet until you painted them!

  2. i love the way they turned out and how they look with your table. oh, and that "snowflake" runner is lovely!!

  3. Love all of it! That runner is to die for.

  4. The chairs look amazing, you can really see how cute they are now that they are painted, and i LOVE the runner!


  5. what a divine little snowflake runner! i want one, too!

    fabulous chairs, your dining room has so much personality. :-)

  6. I love that table runner- so unique! And the chairs turned out awesome my dear!

  7. Can you find a way to pass along your energy through your blog?...I need just a small dose!
    The chairs look wonderful....perfection....even if by accident!

  8. lovely! wondering where you got all your doilies?

    1. I collected them from antique stores over a few weeks. I think I may have gotten some at auction too.

  9. I have the same color paint on my living room/ family room walls and would not even think about changing it. I love it. In fact we are thinking of painting the dining room walls the same. It's so calm and soft.

  10. Runner is fabulous! I have lots of doilies and would love to make one. You mentioned you used Ashley Ann's simple steps. May I ask...where do I find those simple steps. Thanks!


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