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Hello All!  Hope your weekend is wonderful so far!  Thanks so much for all the kind emails and comments about my mother's surgery.  Without getting into the specifics (since I can't even pronounce most of them) they didn't find what they thought they were going to find, so this surgery was more exploratory than anything else.  Most likely, she will have another surgery to try to correct her condition.  So, all prayers are appreciated.  She is quite young still, but doesn't feel it.

July being here already makes my head spin.  I have so much on my To Do list .... I even have split it into a few lists... personal/home and Vintage Junky.  Now, I realize most of these are a "would like to do" but to me that is all the same.  So here are a few things on the personal/home:

  • Plan baby hughes birthday party, train themed.  This boy loves trains!

  • Get Hazel spiffy-fied 
  • Paint library this color (early morning mist, have paint!)

  • Make photo collage like this, with a quote that is special to us

  • Paint and recover new dining room chairs 
  • Rip up carpet and put down a runner (we have had the runners for 2+ years)

  • While I am at that, paint the door and rail black

  • My embroidery sampler... (at least I bought the stuff to start!)

  • Start a book that I downloaded weeks ago

  • Make a doily table runner (have the doilies)

  • Make a teepee

  • Cute teacups... make these

  • Recreate this necklace so I don't have to spend $260
And this list doesn't include all the normal things like cleaning and getting a haircut and potty training.... So, if you see me out and I appear to be off in la-la land...well, I am probably mentally adding to my list.  And driving Mr Hughes crazy.  He claims to have a separate folder for all the emails that I send him of my ideas and plans to bounce off his head.  He says one day he will get to them.  Pinterest is making adding to my to do list very easy, but making it very hard to mark things off!  So, what is on your to do list?  

bye for now~

all photos found on pinterest ( on my To Do and Things to Create boards, except for a few of my own.


  1. 1st I will keep your mother in my prayers...I understand your distress (my dad is battling cancer again)

    Your to do list actually looks quite fun, I'd come and help if we lived closer.

    So glad you bought the sampler, cant wait to see the results.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. This seems like a To Do list that could keep a person busy for years! ☺ My list includes getting ready for my first workshop, going to the beach, making some small b'day gifts, shipping a piece of art to an auction house, cleaning my own house, etc. Here's to a fun & productive summer!

  3. Love those teacups (tea-aholic here!). Glad your mom's more-or-less OK and that it wasn't as bad as was feared. Still, surgery is hard on anyone - and their loved ones.

  4. sounds like you have quite the list. :) mine is just as long. ;) happy weekend!

  5. What a great list! I agree with Melanie... I'd certainly pack up and come help!

  6. I just checked off the Calif. vacation, will check off the scrapbook retreat soon, but have added that doilies table runner. How beautiful!

    Happy summering!

  7. I love the blue vintage canning jars, I actually emailed the photo of the doily runner to a friend she is crazy about doilies and loved the table runner, she thought it was awesome and a fantastic idea.


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