Martha's Pumpkins- An Impatient Girl's Guide

I really wanted to try out some of Martha's beautiful pumpkins, especially the glitter ones.  We went to a pumpkin farm on Saturday  and I picked up a few pumpkins.  I didn't buy the magazine because I figured it can't be that hard to glitter some pumpkins...right?  So, here are my finished pumpkins and I will tell you what I did wrong.  First, let me tell you, this is a project that is best  accomplished outside.  As I write this, Baby Hughes has glitter all over his head and I am having flashbacks from a glitter incident in the 9th grade.  Let's just say it took me a month to get all the glitter off of me.

This is the first pumpkin I tried.  I used regular Elmer's glue.  Big mistake.  It took forever to dry and It ran a little as you can see in the picture.  I probably got it on too thick.  I bought Martha's glitter glue, but it was difficult to squeeze and I wanted these completed (have I ever said that I am impatient?) And, I didn't paint these pumpkins before...depending on the look you are going for, you may want to paint yours.

I started to use spray adhesive on this one (thought that may be better than the Elmer's)... it stuck to the paper plate that I was using to sprinkle the glitter on.  When it stuck, the adhesive peeled off in sheets.  So, I got the tacky glue.  My applicator of choice  ended up being my finger, it gave me the thinnest coat.    The coverage was good and the dry time was much faster with no runs.

This is another one that I did, only with black glitter, these both turned out fine with the tacky glue.  I really like the black glitter.  It I would have been more patient, I would have painted the pumpkin black first.  In a couple of places where the pumpkins got bumped, the glitter rubbed off.

This one was by far the easiest one.  I used a rub on wax product.  It comes in a tube and it is called Rub and Buff.  This color is the silver leaf, but they have a few other colors too.  I simply rubbed a little on and then buffed it with a paper towel.  It let a little of the orange to shine through.  The one really nice thing about this technique is that it doesn't rub off.

Then, I wanted to try silver leaf.  It also worked out good.  The sizing has to cover every part though or the leaf won't stick. I tried to cover it again in those places and it still didn't want to stick.  I just added some of the silver wax to those parts.

So then I just piled them all up into a bowl on my mercury glass table.

You can see where the glitter rubbed off a little. I added a little of the silver wax to the stems. I really like the look of all of them...Mr. Hughes' favorite was the silver glitter.

It rained here all day, so I was unable to finish up my pumpkin projects
I need one more pumpkin for the bowl and a few more for around the house.
So, are there any of you that have attempted Martha's fabulous pumpkins?

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  1. I admire your tenacity! They look marvelous grouped together, but I ABSOLUTELY love your white ironstone compote with acanthus is to die lucky girl!!

  2. I am loving the silver leaf!!
    I totally feel you about the glitter. I learned the hard way too about painting first.
    Great job. They look amazing

  3. Thanks for doing this first. But knowing me I will still find some other issue that you never even thought about. LOve them all, and yes, I am the world's biggest Rub & Buff fan. I never thought about it for a pumpkin! It looks awesome!

  4. I think that they look amazing, my favourite being the 'rub and buff' one. I don't know if we have 'rub and buff' here in the U.K.but I'm sure that we have the equivalent.
    Had to laugh adout the gliter.!!!!

  5. Look how busy you were! These are beautiful!!!
    I love the silver ones :)

  6. Well they are beautiful and the white compote is fabulous. I've always wanted to try to glitter some pumpkins myself. Perhaps I'll get inspired from you blog. Thanks! ~ Sarah

  7. The black glitter is my fave, but the silver leaf is pretty too! Sounds like a complicated process that I won't attempt (hehe) but you did great!

  8. wow! you have been busy! no, i have never tried it and i am not sure i will! sounds like alot but they turned out great! cant wait to see more of your fall/halloween decor!

  9. I'm not a huge fan of halloween or fall decorating, I know shoot me! That being said, I think your pumpkins are quite beautiful. I love the black glitter one. If I had little ones, I could see me making these. Very good job.


  10. I am ALLLLLL about the glitter...and you are so right, Elmers is far too runny for most glitter projects:)


  11. they look awesome!!! i think the black glittery ones are my favorite, but they all fit so wonderfully together! i'm impressed you used real pumpkins...with all that work i would use fake ones (then of course, the fake stems never look quite right)! great job!

  12. They all turned out really cute!!
    I love glittering, too. When I do it I use spray adhesive and an old tupperware container. I spray my item and then place it in the container, add a bit of glitter, place the lid on, and then shake away. It's still messy enough to do outside, but I like that the glitter is applied really evenly and that not much is wasted because it stays in the container. Needless to say the tupperware is ruined after all that so I keep it as my designated glitter 'tainer and just keep reusing it. I've done it with pinecones, cheap wood ornaments, mini pumpkins and even the cheap plastic fruit from the dollar store.

    All this glitter talk is making me want to get my glitter on!! :)

  13. I would have done the same...try try again!!! Good job. By the way I just saw your youtube video. Great lil shop!!! Wish i was in Tennesse!!!

  14. In my experience, it doesn't matter where you work with glitter. You carry it on you for a least a week afterward. But its worth it :)

  15. wow, I am lovin the silver leaf on the pumpkin, so chic. Thanks for sharing...I am a new follower....come visit

  16. Your pumpkins look great. Thanks for the tips on what to use and not use.

  17. Okay so today was my Martha Steward glitter day - I am wishing I read this before my adventure - but I am lovin' the results. I am also in love with the silver leaf, it looks fantastic. I am so going to attempt this next.


  18. Your bling-pumpkins turned out so pretty. Thanks for the tips about what works best! :)


  19. Luv those pumpkins...thanks soooo much for sharing!


  20. The silver leaf one is FABULOUS! They're all great - but that one just sings to my heart!

  21. You're so funny! Thanks for sharing all your mishaps. Hopefully I'll learn from them. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pumpkins with us.


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