A wishful longing and a solution

Have you ever really wanted something?  You sit there and daydream and plan for something that may never come to fruition?  Well, I am a dreamer... I get really caught up and excited in the smallest things.  For instance, I have always wanted to own my own shop.  I even know what gift wrap I would choose for it.  I have been driving by this little old run down building where I live for ages.  A little side info on where I live.... there is no "downtown."  No square, no real historical character.  But, there is something about this building that has always had me thinking.  Never mind the shape it is in or the fact that it has maybe 2 parking spaces.  I just see what it could be.  Do you see it?

It has recently been painted.  So, I have been talking to Mr. Hughes about my vision for years now.  And, here is what my sweetie did:

This is what I see with just a little elbow grease.  This is what it could become.  So where does this all fit in with my life and plans?  Well, this building is still not up for rent, but I have taken a small (very small) baby step and opened my own etsy shop Vintage Junky Style.  I know it may not seem like a big deal for some of you, but I feel like I am really putting myself out there.  I had thought about opening a booth, and that may be an option in the future.  I will be stocking my shop with things that I like and would really have in my home.  So, that is how I am fulfilling my dream.... for now *wink*

P.S.  I don't really have  a Vespa, but we did just buy a Jeep Grand Wagoneer (it is white!)


  1. I love the vision, and good for you opening your own etsy shop. My family wants me to open one, and I have been quite as brave as you. I will have to check it out. Jackie

  2. I love the picture of your shop. I've always wanted one myself and I think a booth could be in my near future too! Congrats on your Etsy shop ... shame on you for putting that chippy finial on there. ;-) I want it! I wish the best of luck and success!

    GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!

  4. congratulations! i found your fabulous shop a couple days ago and have already added you to my favorite sellers :-) it's so exciting isn't it, to put yourself out there? my shop was a big step for me, too. by the way, i love your design vision for that neat little building!

  5. GOOD FOR YOU!!! You are taking a step toward your dream, a wonderful step too! Congrats on the etsy shop...yeah!!!

    :) T

  6. Oh my gosh, that is so adorable what your hubby did! Is that done in photoshop? Honestly, the design is lovely!

    And a big fat shabby congrats on your new shop! I'm off to check it out too!

    p.s. I'm VERY proud of you!!!!

    Funky Junk Donna

    p.s.s. not sure if I ever told you, but I adore your logo and side bar design on your blog.

  7. That is so awesome! You need to print it out, frame it, hang it on your wall, create an altar in front of it, tack it on a vision board....it's gonna happen for you, I just KNOW it!
    Hmmmm, I wonder if your hubby would do the same thing for me using Fiona and Twig instead???

  8. Oh GIDDY!!! I am soo excited for YOU and me cause now I can shop your etsy shop!! You are a shop owner!! I love your dream shop and the vision board way cool... I have my vision in my head and would love to do a board. Keep following your dream, leap, skip!!!

  9. Glad to see your vision became reality! Wonderful!

    Check out our giveaway...


  10. Congratulations on your new Etsy Shop! I'm headed over there now. ~ Sarah

  11. it's adorable, I LOVE the art deco-ness of it all!

  12. Hooray for you! I am so glad you opened a shop on Etsy!! I just checked it out and it is GREAT! Awesome prices on really great pieces. It is sure to be a success!!

  13. What a wonderful guy you have... So creative and supportive! Everything starts with a dream and I hope you see yours come to life!
    I just love the "photo" of your store!

  14. How exciting!!! One step at a time. Keep your vision and some day it will become reality!!! Good Luck :) By the way your lil shop is lovely!!!

  15. You'll get it one day and you are now on your way with your Etsy shop. I actually think that this is the best way to go....slowly go up the ladder !
    Love your husbands interpretation...with him behind you, you will go a long way. XXXX

  16. I just discovered you yesterday and I am already a wee bit obsessed!! And now you have an etsy shop?

    My husband is not going to be happy! Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. Not near as fun as yours!

  17. Oh you go girl. Do you realize what an amazing guy you have? Great vision and I pray that someday God gives you your hearts desire. Congratulation on the the new shop I'll be running by.
    Have a great week.

  18. Hey! Congrats!!! Your store looks lovely :)
    I think this is a great first step and that you are going to love it!!

  19. Congrats on the Etsy shop. How do you like your Wagoneer? I had a Grand Wagoneer when my kids were little and I LOVED it. Never been a car person but that car was special!
    p.s. I just bought a dish from the shop...had to have it!

  20. How sweet of the hubs to make-over your little shop-to-be!! ;) I've ALWAYS wanted to have a little shop of my own as well.

    Congrats on your grand opening, friend! Such fab items you have there!


  21. good for you! i cant wait to shop! xo

  22. Hi! I just find you on Twigg and Fiona's blog roll. I have a passion for people with a vision, specially women. First you dream it, then you pray and before you know it, is happenning. I fell in love with the place where I have my shop for about 10 years. It used to be a rental home shape like a barn, I used to imagine a store there. One day I was driving down the highway and saw the for rent sign, I almost killed myself on the highway. I turned back on the service road, chased the owner, the rest is history still in the making...11 years later. My shop after my family is the best thing that ever happen to me. Dream big, make it happen. Blessings, Marta.

  23. Michelle--CONGRATS!!!! I am SOOO proud of you!! AND, I WOULD LOVE to attend your grand opening when your precious shop becomes a reality!!

    Love and hugs!

  24. I think your gonna love your itsy shop, just think no dusting...Love your vision and I think you will do very well, thanks for sharing,I will stop by the shop...

  25. I love, love, love your blog! You are one talented lady...(and hubby). Good luck with your Etsy shop!

  26. I definitely see what you see! As with most of us here, I have always wanted my own shop too. I have every detail in my head. I often look at old houses on main streets that could easily become shops, or old unrented spaces. I keep a picture on my fridge of a house and barn that was for sale near me. Live and work side by side. Unfortunately it sold, but the picture is still up. Still dreaming!
    Love your blog and your visions.

  27. FUN! I love the storefront!!

    I also gave you an award over on my blog..you might have already received it but I just love your blog! Totally inspiring and always look forward to your comments :) anyways, its at http://twigdecor.blogspot.com

    Have a great day! :D



  29. Go girl! Every journey begins with a step. Pam


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