Sunshine (finally) and some Inspiration

We have had a nearly constant cloud cover in Tennessee for what feels like weeks now.  Today is sunny... very cool, but sunny.  So, we spent the day taking some photos and playing with Baby Hughes outside.  We went to pick up the table for the Studio (nice ring, eh?)  You should see this beauty... Miss Linda at Carter's Creek almost didn't let me have it!  I will post photos soon.  And, I started getting inspired about the space... here is where I am at so far:

I bought this lonely little lamp base ages ago for just a couple of dollars.  It has been on a bookshelf forever.  Then, when I realized that my favorite Amy Butler fabric is also a discontinued pattern, I ordered some more on etsy.  I don't have much here... enough to do a little lampshade.  But, it is enough to give it a punch.  Plus, my mother and the Margarita Sisters are making me a throw with it and I think there will be a little more left over from what they have.

Here are the colors of paint I am considering.  I will most likely do the grayish white on the walls... I am not scared of color by any means, but I need a light color because that room is so small and we will be taking photos  for my etsy shop in there.  And, I am not sure exactly what I will use the other colors on... furniture, frames, etc.  I am pretty certain that I can sweet talk Mr. Hughes into getting a chandelier for the room at the flea market next weekend...and then it will need a vintage ceiling medalion... and that blue would be perfect for that!

And, since it is sunny, I took some photos of some of the outside fall flowers, just for fun!

This was a $5 wood box that we bought for Baby Hughes' pirate party... it supposed to be a treasure map box.  I don't think it made it to that point though.  But, it is perfect for pansies!

And, here is the centerpiece spread on our giant table on the deck.  Unfortunately, it went from blazing hot with mosquitoes to rainy for 2 months to cold!  So, we haven't been able to enjoy our deck much this fall.  But, don't you just love hedge apples?  I would love to bring some inside, but after reading Kasey's post about the acorn worms, I have a phobia!!

Oh, and if you are wondering which lap top case I chose, here it is:

It was one of Mr. Hughes' favorites out of the spread.  I can't wait to get it!  My Mac needs a cozy!

Alright, I'll leave you with just one more thing.... get your wish lists ready for this Wednesday.  I will put up the McKlinky up Tuesday evening... I can't wait to see what you ladies are lusting over!


  1. Know what you mean - That cloud sat over SW TN also! Was about to start shopping for a boat! Got up to chilly temps this morning, but blue skies and sunshine. Have not seen hedge apples around here is years. Like your laptop case - I need to find one also. Have a great week.

  2. Those colors are going to look so fab together. Oooo, I want a chandelier, too! I just can't seem to find the right one. I already have one in my bathroom and dining room, but what is a kitchen without a chandy???
    See ya Wednesday! I'm ready!

  3. Hello friend! LOVE the colors that you've choose! ;) Talked to me sis the other day and she was rubbing in the fact that you guys have had rain, rain, rain....and fairly cool temps. PLEASE send the cool breezes and rain this a way...I want it desperately! ;)


  4. The color combinations are so bright and sunny -- who wouldn't be inspired with such a lovely room. Blue skies, sunshine and cold temps are my favorite kinda day -- don't get them often in Kuwait. Enjoy! And best of luck getting your studio completed. :) Tammy

  5. I love your paint colours. We are painting three rooms at the moment. I have chsen different off-whites with a touch of grey. I think hat a neutral background is good as you can use colour with accessories. your lampbase and fabric. .....and I love your laptop cover.
    The box of pansies is delightful, as is everything on your porch,. (a touch of envy re the porch. In the U.K. we don't have porches. or verandahs as the weather doesn't lend itself to one !!!!) XXXX

  6. P.S. sorry about missing letters in some of my words !!!! The T on my computer doesn't seem to be working very well and, I was in a bit of a hurry and didn't read it back !!!!

  7. I love the fabric and am already lusting over your yellow lamp! it's my favorite color... can't wait to see the room done!
    happy Monday,

  8. I love those colors combos. And that was my favorite laptop case, nice choice!

  9. Love the grey will look great.. can't wait to see it when it's done!! Very exciting

  10. i am loving the gray for your walls! cant wait to see the table! what are hedge apples? xo

  11. that lamp will be awesome! Glad you can make something special you will enjoy with your fabric! But its the 2 gardening looking pictures that did me in! Those are super cute!

  12. I love that Amy Butler fabric too. My curtain in our bathroom is made from that :) Love everything you've shown....the lamp, your spread on your table, your flowers! All very beautiful.


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