Flea Market Finds

I just realized that I haven't shown you my lovelies from the last flea market.  I think I have pulled together all the items that I am keeping.  I listed some of the other goodies in my etsy store.  I actually went twice!!  On Friday, it was raining, so many of the vendors had their treasures under wraps.  I felt so cheated, so the wonderful Mr. Hughes suggested we go back Sunday after Church.  So this is my loot!  I got a couple of vintage frames and a great old medicine cabinet that just might have to have a little makeover.  And here is a closeup of one of those items that has been seeking me:

Ahhhh ironstone!   Look at the patina!  And it has a few cracks here and there!  And, it is large!! I found this lovely in a booth full of mishmash on Friday.  The gentleman that ran the booth informed me that he was a picker for a very expensive antique store in Nashville.  And that he picked it especially for her.  Well, I told him that she was out of luck because I was taking that pitcher home!!  For $15!  I know if I would have let her buy it, I would be lusting after it for the bargain price of $115!

And, it wouldn't be a productive trip without a few letters...

Pretty neat, huh?  I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but they sure are fabulous.  And, I made away with some numbers too....

This is actually a deck of cards from some old card game. There are numbers 1-15.  I am keeping Baby Hughes' birthday and will find something to do with it.   I will list sets of these in my shop soon.

Well, that is all of my flea market goodies for this month.  Oh... look at what I got in the mail today!
Mr. Hughes was sweet enough to design me a business card!  I feel so official.  I want to thank all of you for your sweet, encouraging comments about the opening of my etsy shop.  It really means alot to me!

So, I hope to show some more of the fall decorating... it has been raining since Sunday... and I am itching to get some more pumpkins


  1. Great finds!!

    Have a super end of week


    barbara jean

  2. Excellent grab on the ironstone! I love it when it has that dark patina and cracks!! OHHHHH...love the picture of the shop too!

  3. Great finds :) The game cards are so cool!!!

  4. Delish....I love that white ironstone pitcher...


  5. oooh, Love that card. What a good hubby! I know what you mean about wanting more pumpkins, we were shut-ins most of the weekend because of weather/sick noses.

  6. Girl, I am drooling over your Thrify goods. That Ironstone, just perfect patina!! Business cards and shop photo- LOVE, have a great week! Hugs, Janna

  7. I have a major weakness for old frames. I always sell them and regret it later!
    Your new business cards look beautiful!!!

  8. What great treasures (as usual)! Your new business cards are awesome!

    I can't wait to get some pumpkins! We're on hold waiting for our German exchange student to get here so she can got with us but I may have to sneak a trip to the pumpkin patch in before that. ;)

    Have a great day!


  9. the big round frame is gorgeous! i have a thing for old frames. very jealous.. i would love to have a flea market near by!

  10. Is it ok that I say I love your husband?! Your business cards are beautiful! I love your finds ... esepecially those letters!

  11. Mmm....LOVE it all! Mr. Hughes was so great to take you back on Sunday. ;)


  12. Great finds! Great ideas in your display of them!

  13. I am also very jealous of those letters...

    What great items you scored.


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