Grey (Gray) Day

So, how do you spell it?  I was inspired by the yucky rainy weather and the illness that has been surrounding our house.  Cheery, huh?  Well, today we got out into the grey and I found 2 beautiful grey throws (didn't have my camera... sorry!)  One was a felted wool with fringe.  And, the other (my favorite) was a fabulous grey Granny Squares throw.  It was amazing.  So,  as soon as we got home, I searched etsy to see if I could find a grey throw like that.  And, I had no luck finding one like it, but I found lots of grey goodness to share.

Found at SiMakery

This fabulous throw also features just a touch of green... my favorite color!

Found at Olive

I love this oversize print pillow!

Found at wunderlust

This bunting is one of the cutest I have ever seen.

Found at BagsByColette

I love Amy Butler's fun prints and this is my favorite one.  My wonderful mother and the Margarita Sisters are actually making me a throw in this fabric.  But, how sweet is is this bag?

Found at UncommonEye

So, technically this isn't grey...but mercury glass is Grey's attractive cousin.  And, it doesn't get much more fabulous than this vintage lamp!

And, while you are basking in the glow of your vintage lamp, you might as well wear this necklace.

Found at tristahill

And, if you decide to have a friend over to talk, maybe watch a flick (Twilight?) you will need another fabulous throw... it would just be wrong to keep the coziness to yourself.

Found at KoboH

How about these?  Felted bowls...mmmm....

Found at theuntrainedeye

How's this for a different baby quilt... not pink or blue or green.  What a perfect unisex nursery!

Found at merrydaledolls

You would need a grey pony too... how adorable!

Found at charliemai

Okay, I really think Baby Hughes needs one of these!  He is refusing to grow hair afterall!  So, so, so smitten with this hat!!

And, I will close my grey day with my favorite grey thing of all....

........Baby Hughes' Halloween Costume..... own little Max!
We made mischief of one kind or another last weekend in his costume (compliments of my wonderful mother and the Margarita Sisters!)
We can't wait to see Where the Wild Things Are with our little wild thing!


  1. thanks for all the great pictures! i love that vintage lamp! and of course that sweet baby hughes of yours! so cute!

  2. Your baby Max is WONDERFUL! I love that picture!!

  3. I'm head over heels in love with your baby hughs picture!! perfection!!

  4. Love the lamp! I've been noticing lots of grey around lately too and I really like it alot.

    First buy just might be a pair of grey suede boots, yeah?

    Thanks for stopping by -

    Enjoy -

  5. I am loving GREY... I wore some cute leggings that are grey today... then I saw this post delicious I say, thanks 4 sharing.


  6. How cute is he? Just adorable! I dunno if we're going to the flea market this month, we are headed to the gulf next weekend, so all our "blow money" is gonna be blown by the salty air, lol. Trying to keep a tight budget so that we can feel the sand between our toes....

    What on earth are they gonna do when the fairgrounds close? I'm not a big fan of Mayor Dean, I'll kinda be glad when his time is up!

  7. I LOVE grey!!! So into it!!! Those felt bowls are so cute. But I don't know what you do with them??? Grey is very cozy to me.

  8. Love all the gray goodies but that cutie pie! So, so cute. Enjoy the movie.

  9. Look at Baby Hughes!! That costume is a dream.

    I am trying to talk the hubs into letting me paint the master bedroom in dove grey with new orange and green bedding. I may need to purchase that grey with green may inspire him.

  10. I love gray, and have found it such a great neutral for my kids' rooms. I'm loving the pictures of cool mom gray stuff! :) Your baby is adorable.

  11. Oh, that picture of Baby Hughes is adorable - what a sweet, sweet photo..! The light is unbelievable. Beautiful little peanut!



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