Vintage Black Friday 3

First, I want to thank everyone who joined in the Wish List fun!  I loved reading all of them!  Today
I am joining in Gypsy Brocante's Vintage Black Friday again.  I missed last week because I couldn't think of anything to post.  This week, I am going to do a little self-promotion of some wonderful black items that I just added to my etsy shop.  So, if that offends you, stop reading here....  no really, you want to see the goodies!  Trust me!

These cute little custard cups!

Black glass urn

Black glass trophy cup

More black glass

Ironstone clock

Big old rusty scoop

and one of my favorite things I have ever found... seriously, I am not quite sure why I am selling it....

a vintage hat form!  It is incredible!  It even has numbers stamped in the side!

That is all I have for now... it is flea market weekend and I do love black... I am going to make it a point to search for something wonderful and black to share next week.  Okay, now go visit all the other lovely blogs to see what they have to show off!


  1. Love the black glass, I don't see much of that around here, It's so sophisticated looking and classic. That hat form is amazing! Thanks again for the great party. It was tons of fun!

  2. Those first few items would look wonderful in my house! Hmmmm..... :D

  3. How great is that clock! That won't last long in your shop!!

  4. Why I love it all... I want it all... I am just crushing on the black urn and trophy DELICIOUS!


  5. love those black glass urns...and that bowler hat form is an unbelievable find! your shop is AWESOME by the way!

  6. WOW, that hat form is an awesome find and I really like the old rusted scoop!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. That black glass is really nice. I don't see a lot of that around. It always reminds me of little pieces of obsidian we'd find as kids. Where did you find that great hat form! Terrific.

  8. The hat form is pretty cool..are you sure you want to sell it? I like the scoop too..I think the word what I am attracted too~LOL

  9. I love all the black glass, but I think the old hat form is my favorite.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Michelle

  10. I want to shop in your shop! Love that hat form
    Happy VBF!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  11. Mmmm....all lovelies, my friend! Have a great weekend! ;)


  12. Love everything - that hat form is fabulous!

  13. Beautiful in all of their black vintage-ness! Your photos are stunning, too! Happy VBF!

  14. Nice! I don't see black glass that much ... I like it! But as you know I'm a rust girl at heart and that big ol rusty scoop steals my heart ... hey, speaking of rust ... I think we do have the same car !! Mine is dark blue and and I'm saving "it's story" for an entire blog post ... it's a long one!

    On another note, I don't know how I missed your "wish" party ... that sounds like fun!! I would have absolutely joined the fun ... whatever you host next time around count me in, ok?

    have a great weekend!


  15. I love that big rusty scoop/spoon.... and the hat form.
    Some lovely black pieces. XXXX

  16. Me too, I love the rusty scoop and the cool old hat form -

    Great Post -



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