What I Wish For...

Welcome to the Party!  Now, first things first, this is a fun, shallow superficial party.  I really wish and pray for things like world peace, my mother's arthritis to be healed, to be a better mother and wife, etc, etc.  But, those don't make for pretty photos and lusting now do they?  So now that is all cleared up,  let me show you what I really want!!

A snuggly scarf from Anthro...I'll take the coat too!



Jcrew!!  All of the above please!

A Joy charm from Tiffany's on a simple chain... go ahead and engrave Baby Hughes' birthday on it

A Swedish Mora clock just like this beauty that sold from Midnight Sun Antiques

And speaking of Midnight Sun.... How 'bout it Stephenie?  Because I really, really want more Edward!

A beautiful antique secretary to paint and love

I want a little wagon like this to help out with the gardening!  But, I want to give it a little makeover.

I want an iPhone.  So badly!

A vintage set of canisters just like these!  I found this photo at 52 Flea.  They call to me each time I read this blog!

I want this!  I sent it to Mr. Hughes to add to my Christmas List and he asked me what I would use it for.  And I told him that I wanted my $9.00 fern that I have babied for 2 years to have a warm place to spend the winter.  I refuse to bring it inside ever since I saw the Black Widow lookalike crawling on it.  Did I mention there was an egg sac too?  Oh, if any of you know where I stole this photo from, please let me know...

An ironstone punch bowl.  I found this one here. I really want some long lost relative to leave me a whole set of ironstone....!

I would like these pretty earrings from Turq

and this necklace too! (also from Turq)

 I wish I had a snuggly grey throw kind of like this  one

I could use it on the plane ride to here

I have always wanted to go to Greece.  Maybe I will bring back one of these

Okay, I really want a Vespa
Think of all the gas I would save.  Mr. Hughes says no because he is afraid I will hurt myself.  But, if we move to Savannah Ga, then it would be perfect to drive around town.

I guess that is all I want.... wait!  I almost forgot!  A spa day!  And, one for my best friend and my sis!! I can't be completely selfish you know!

Okay, now it is time to party....

If you'd like to join in.....

....here is how this works:

  1. Write a post showing us your Wish List. In the post, link back to this party post so that everyone reading your blog can see what everyone else has brought to the party. Click on the title of this post and copy the address bar to link back here.
  2. Come to Vintage Junky and add your name and permalink to your Wish List post to the list at the bottom of this post. To get the permalink, click on the title of your post for this party and copy the address in the address bar. The link you add should NOT be your blog's address ( ex: www.anyblog@blogspot.com) It will be much longer, like this ex: www.anyblog@blogspot.com/2009/09/title-post.html
  3. Make sure your link works. If you come back and your link has been deleted, just try again and make sure you are linking back to this Party Post and you leave the link for your Party Post. You can always email me or comment and I will help get you joined in!
Now, sit back and drool over all the wishes, hopes and dreams of the other partygoers!


  1. I love some of the items on your wish list. I, too, would like a Swedish clock...and those chairs, too. I wish I had something together to post for this. It would be a loooong post. Thanks for becoming a follower and for hosting this great party!

  2. PS - I'm adding your button to my side bar. :)

  3. yea! im the first one to the party! thanks for hosting such a fun party! i forgot to add the swedish clock and a trip to savannah! i love both! i wanted a "playhouse" too that i keep seeing in blogland! cant wait to see more! xo

  4. Seems like a perfectly reasonable list to me. Your husband needs to get busy on this. Teehee. I definitely would agree with the cute little greenhouse and the gorgeous secretary. But first I ought to ask for a great husband to have the slightest chance of getting any of it!

    Cynthia K.

  5. I love your wish list. I am right there with you on that trip to Greece. Those Vespas are so cute!

  6. I just added my wish list! This is a really great idea, I hope you get a huge turnout!

  7. you have been doing some serious wanting, girl! i can't say that i blame you, though, as they are ALL fabulous!! i especially like that grey J Crew sweater and those canisters...and Midnight Sun? YES PLEASE! come on Stephenie!!! we need more Edward!

  8. I wish for your wish list!! Boy do we have the same taste,I really love that third sweater, really!!!! All the best,Chrissy

  9. Lots of great stuff on your wish list. I had to laugh when I saw the iphone on your list - my husband just gave me one and I didn't even want one! My old cell phone was just fine. He thinks this new phone will make me more organized, but I'm not so sure :)

  10. I love your list and all of the things on it. The only thing that I own that is on your list are the vintage enamel canisters. They are French and I love them. Hope you get at least one thing from your list. XXXX

  11. Hi,

    I loved reading everyones wish lists. They are fabulous. All summer long the only thing I wished for were sprinklers! It's hot in Southern California. I can't imagine going through another summer hand watering everything. Wish me luck on that one!


  12. Whew ... I finally finished my post! I so want an iPhone too. I used my wish on a "personality" trait! :)

  13. don't you just love all the sweaters this season?! jcrew has some beautiful ones!

  14. You have absolutely fabulous taste girlie! Maybe santa will be good to you this year :)

    That Anthro scarf is on my wish list too...

    :) T

  15. Mmmm....lovely list friend! Thanks for hosting this fun party! ;)


  16. the anthro scarf is cute. I just said today that I want that t shirt from J. crew. and who wouldn't want a vespa! good luck with your wishes!

  17. How fun is this? Your list is awesome...hope all your dreams come true! And, no, of course I don't mind you linking to me and posting the pic of those French enamel canisters....after all, before I found them at Brimfield, they were on MY list!
    Take care, Laura

  18. This was really fun! Thanks for hosting. I completely loved having an excuse to window shop for me!!

  19. Such a great list. I just had a fern die in my house. I tried loving it and babying it, but to no avail. Love that crochet blanket and the necklace is so very veryy. :)

  20. love your wish list! the jcrew sweater though is awesome, and I already have a necklace like that 'cuz I made it :)

  21. ...I JUST bought the iphone! How did I ever live without it before ;)

    For reals? It's awesome and I can promise you, you will not regret buying one. It's an amazing little toy!!!!!

    ~michelle.f :)

  22. Wow! Your list is awesome - it would cover a lot of my "wishies," too! Think I might have to really pursue those Turq earrings, though! ;)

  23. Love this... I too am a JCrew fan..and am dying to go to Greece..I hope Santa has a very LARGE sleigh and an open line of credit!

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  25. creative ideas for the antique secretary? i love peices like that, but would HAVE to have a plan in place before the MR would allow me to bring home ;) home office? little girls room? .... ???


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