It is hard to let go

Hi there ladies!  I just thought I would share with you what 3 things I am having a hard time parting with... I recently listed these in my etsy store

A vintage grain sack pillow

Pretty bird lidded bowl

Fabulous silverplated clothing brush

Now, I know that this is what it is all about.   I am hunting for delicious items for my shop and my home now.  Come back tomorrow and I will be joining Gypsy Brocante's Vintage Black Friday Party.


  1. I'm just about to do a post that features 4 things I intended to sell on Etsy, but liked them too much that I'm keeping them! I love that bowl and your pictures are always so pretty!

  2. Goodness I love that pillow!!! Sigh...


  3. I'd have a difficult time parting with the bowl with the bird on its lid.

  4. We are so silly, we buy things to sell & then we wanna keep it all :) Love the pillow.

  5. I want that pillow. And all the milkglass in your shop.

    I'm betting I will make the purchase for sure. Oh and that cute flower hook.


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