Saturday Night Special- Vignettes

Happy Weekend everyone!  We just got back from the flea market... it wasn't so much fun...way too crowded, so I felt like I didn't really get a good look.  But, I did find some lovely treasures that I will hopefully be able to show you tomorrow.  But tonight, I am joining  Donna at Funky Junk Interiors to celebrate her party.  Tonight is Vignettes night, so I will show you some new and old vignettes around the Hughes' Casa.

This is a little vignette on the table in our entry.  It has one of my favorite silhouettes and two wood printer's blocks that I love.

This is a fairly new vignette made of a few vignettes... a vignette within a vignette if you will.  Some of you may remember this table being covered with my mercury glass collection.  Well, Baby Hughes has taken it upon himself to start ramming the table with his Handy Manny car, so my lovelies moved inside a metal and glass cabinet.  I didn't really like this at first compared to what it used to look like, but now I do.  We hung my $10.95 mirror and then I shopped the house to fill it up.  Still looking for a way to cover up that blasted thermostat!

Here is one of the vignettes on the table.  It has my vintage wedding cake topper from our cake on top of a battery jar lid under a cloche.  My sweet mercury glass bird on top of a small ironstone plate and some vintage books are thrown in for height and color (The Complete History of Dames is one of the titles, very cool crown drawings in it.)

Here is our mantle with a mirror that I silver leafed and some tarnished silver with some mercury glass votives and some black vases.  I always like to put a living plant or some dried or fresh flowers in my vignettes.

Another cloche... this one sits on top of my ironstone cake pedestal with some printer's blocks.  I put some dried hydrangeas in a mint julep cup and included a vintage photo.  Then, we have the pumpkins at the bottom... this is where they are when Baby Hughes isn't playing with them, he adores his pumpkins!

This one was taken a while ago when we posted our kitchen.  Just a simple set up of ironstone.

Another one from the kitchen... just a little grouping of my black and white jars and crocks.

This one is just a little fluff for that weird triangle behind our kitchen sink.  This one was also taken awhile ago... a fern has now replaced the rosemary tree.

Well, this was fun!!  I can't wait to see what the others brought!  Now, I want to go spruce up the rest of the house.  So, you can join the other party goers here.


  1. Just beautiful! The corner behind your sink is my favorite but I love it all!

  2. You've got a good eye. Such lovely things, all displayed really well!

  3. OOH! I love the corbels by the sink Yummmmmy... I hope you have a great weekend.


  4. I'm sitting her having a glass of wine with the rain falling and now i'm in the mood to rearrange my displays because of you!!! You have such a talent for creating great vingettes,
    thanks for the inspiration,

  5. Gorgeous! I see we have the same love of ironstone. And those black and white crocks are fantastic.

  6. Wow. The mantel mirror is so unusual and wonderful! The cloche caught my breath because of the unexpected letters glistening back to me from inside. The black and white crocks are adorable. The borbels behind the sink are very unusual yet stunning!

    These posts are making me want to gut my home, get all new stuff and try again. That just means this is wonderful inspiration!

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

    Funky Junk Donna

  7. such wonderful detail! i love your collection of crocks...and your bird egg print. thanks for the inspiration.

  8. You can always, always be counted on for the most beautiful photos. And vignettes! And how I adore your wedding cake topper.

  9. they are all gorgeous vignettes, but the mantle is my favorite!!! it is simple, yet so stunning! and you silver leafed that mirror yourself? WOW!

  10. Lovely! Looove the cakestand/cloche vignette! And if is any consolation, I didn't even notice the thermostat until I read your comment about it. Everything around it so beautiful that it isn't even seen!


  11. Great blog! So glad I found you through your visit to my blog. I love your etsy store and have a couple of things sitting in my favorites to ponder over the weekend!

  12. I'm in love with all your vignettes!!! I love the mirrors, I love the cloche, I love the ironstone & I love the black & white jars and crocks. I want some of those. Thanks for sharing your vignettes today. They make me happy!!!

  13. Lovely vignettes. It's so much fun rearranging things from other parts of the house to come up with a fresh look. I want to run home and rearrange everything right now. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  14. Great all looks brilliant. XXXX

  15. You do vignettes so well! Vintage, classy and such interesting pieces. I especially love the cloche and sink arrangements. Very pretty.

  16. Love your ironstone *swoon* and those crocks! You've done some awesome vignettes....definintely have the eye for it. :o)

  17. very lovely. i'm not so good w/displays. i'm sort of a minimalist and that makes it hard. i love the grey grout w/your subway tile. i wish i had done that in my bathroom. i thought it would look to busy but i really love the way yours looks. live and learn!


  18. You really have an eye for what works together. Beautiful displays and vignettes. I love them all!

  19. All was wonderful, but I loved your mantle. I have a hard time with mine, so appreciated your vignette.

  20. Your home is beautiful. Had to give you an idea for the thermostat. I had the same issue, and used a shadowbox to cover. Just put a picture in the very front of the frame and hang on the wall.

  21. @cheapchichome. I'm almost a week late! I am coveting the mirror over your mantel-smile!


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