More Granny Chic

Hello All!  Happy Monday!  Last week I started obsessing over some Granny Chic with a little project that I did.  So I thought I would share the project with you. It all started with some needlepoint chairs that I was uncovering to recover... 4 of them.  Now, needlepoint chairs aren't really my thing, but I sort of felt sad while I was pulling the nails.  Then, I thought of a way to reuse the needlepoint fabric.

I put them in some vintage embroidery hoops.  I would say simple, but at one point I was wiping sweat from my brow and words may have been said... that thick fabric didn't want to go easily into those metal hoops.  But it did... after I threw it down a few times.  I liked the hoops so much that I pulled together a little Granny Chic area.  It is only temporary since the table is my bedside table and the chair is from downstairs, but I like its homey feel.  I wish I had a bigger table filled with those little brassy frames... my Grandma always had a table filled with photos in those frames.

Okay, I am off!  I have loads of stuff to keep me busy and out of trouble this week.  But first, coffee!

bye for now!


  1. That's such a cute project. And I LOVE that chair...I got a great similar chair that I repainted and now I need to find the perfect fabric to recover the cushion-y bits...I want a nice lush grey velvet, but we have cats. :P

  2. what a brilliant idea, and they're adorable. i love the way the dtails of the flowers really show when they are framed like that!


  3. I love that little area, the blanket, or is it an aphgan{sp} is darling, love the colors, did you knit it? And the chair and the old is all so fantatically grannie chic!!! you did good girl!

  4. Great idea...wish I had thought of this.
    I had a needlepoint chair I recovered too. VERY similar to the one in the pic. :(

  5. Question... I'm just about to do something similar!! Tips for how to "back" it? Do you just sort of fold the material around to the back of the hoop and stuff it in, and then stick it on the wall? Thanks!


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