Friday Etsy Favorites *Crafty*

hello and happy friday!  There is something inside of me that switches over at this time of year... maybe a change of seasons or all the holidays or how I am suddenly cooped up in the house more.  Whatever it is, I get a little more crafty... which I think is a bit different from what I usually am.  This time of year I can sit down with paper and scissors and all kinds of trimmings and keep myself busy for hours.  So, let me show you some of may very favorite things to get *Crafty*

glass glitter. love it.  sometimes the things I create with it are downright dangerous, but it is sparkly!

want to make me a happy girl?  Buy me all the colors of divine twine... and maybe a new pack of sharpies.  No joke.

kraft seals... love them!
found~ knotandbow

Mr. Hughes got me the needle felting owl kit last year and I think this one is precious!
found~ fancytiger

hello sly fox stamp... you need to be mine

these calligraphy, bracket-y tags are my kind of thing

this is one of my favorite shops to buy things I probably don't need, but really want
found~ caramelos

I must get some of this felt!  look at all the colors
found~ giantdwarf

and, if you aren't crafty, but would like to pretend you are, you can buy some happy daisies from here

another thing that makes me happy... washi tape.  I want every color.  But especially this one.

buttons... moody, smokey, grey buttons.  

So, are you feeling *crafty*  Oh, and a note on this word *crafty*  Recently, this has become a favorite word in our house.  You have to say it like you suspect that someone is clearly up to no good.  baby hughes and I like this book: The Cow that Laid an Egg.  Now, I don't want to give away anything for those of you who haven't read this book, but there is a certain line in the book that says, "We think the *crafty* chickens did it."  We have this phrase in our family lexicon.  It is sure to get a laugh every time.
Okay, have a great weekend!  I have some fun stuff to finish up and share next week.

bye for now!


  1. Yes I am feeling Crafty...but I am no crafter! love the little penguin, I think you NEED it, after the green shirt of course! happy weekend~

  2. beautiful,beautiful,beautiful finds - so happy to be included among them in your lovely blog post!


  3. I'm always feeling crafty. :)
    Thanks so much for including me in your friday favorites, I'm honored.
    Hope your weekend is lovely!

  4. Yes, I am feeling I need to get my craft on. And I {NEED} the green Junky t-shirt! That one was just meant to be!


  5. You always find the best things!


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