Music Valley Antique Show

Hello there!  Happy Monday!  I have loads of things lined up to show you if I could just get something completed... I am thinking this is the week (that I make a Robin Hood fox costume.)  Anyhow, I am about to make some plans for you local folks...this weekend there is the Music Valley & Tailgate Antiques Show.  These shows always have absolutely swoon worthy antiques.   I am partial to old signs and the Spring show did not disappoint.  In the Spring, there were also plenty of vendors with great industrial wares (I am also partial to industrial looking baskets and storage.)

And, if you want to go to this show, I can get you free tickets... all you have to do is go to City Farmhouse and tell them Vintage Junky sent you and they will give you free passes... it pays to know me, huh?  *chuckles*

Okay, I will be back soon to show you some things that are finished.... well, they aren't right now but they will be very, very soon. Pinky promise.

bye for now!

oh, and for those of you that have had trouble commenting on mine and other Blogger blogs... I found a piece of info:  it seems that it is a Blogger/ Internet Explorer issue with the embedded forms.  So, I changed my comment form for the time being.  So, c'mon, talk to me *wink*


  1. Wishing I lived closer!!! Not sure I could talk The Philosopher into a very long drive...LOL

  2. All the great shows aren't near me! such a big bummer!!! Have a great time, take pictures!!!
    happy Monday.

  3. Really wish I was close by. I would go in a heartbeat!


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