Something Crafty

Hello all!  How is October treating you?  I miss September, but I am determined to make October just as wonderful... I am going to will the warmness to stay around a little while longer!

So, I did something sort of "crafty."  Does anyone else not like that word?  There is something about it that brings forth memories of wooden bunnies and toilet paper cozies... both things that I am not really into... if you are, please don't take offense.  I just think of toilet paper of something that is okay to be seen... you know, so you can use it.  I actually like little stacks of rolls, provided that there isn't too much quilting on the toilet paper (Cottonelle,  anyone?) How did I get off on this tangent... oh well, back to the matter at hand: being crafty.  Sometimes, we have things around here and I wonder what in the world I will do with it... this time it was two big bags of crocheted little flowers.  I have used them in the past on various things... they look like little doilies.  One day, for some reason, I decided that I would dye the little circles. All 5000 of them.

So, then I had a big box of aquaish crocheted circles...thinking back, I shouldn't have dyed all of them.  I may have had a purpose when I dyed them... I am sure of it.  I just can't really remember why I did it.  
Fast forward to when I got a little package of ribbon goodness in the mail... and I decided not to use one of the ribbons for the purpose I had originally intended.  But, as I was seriously obsessed with said ribbon (talking about things like the "hand" and the way it didn't crinkle when I tied it,) I had to find something to do with it.  Enter the Jo-ann's 40% off coupon and a trip to buy a wreath form.  After lots of hot glue, I had this:

A new fallish wreath.  It sort of reminds me of a sweater or an afghan.   I only hope that I did the person justice that sat there and crocheted all 7500 of these little flowers.  I wonder what he/she had planned for them.  Probably not anything like this.

Check out that ribbon... can't you just imagine how well it ties?  I rarely change out my wreath...for someone who likes change as much as I do, I am pretty set in my ways with my door decor.  

I just realized what an extremely wordy post this is to show you my new wreath..... I could have titled it "New Wreath" and simply posted a photo... maybe a short sonnet on the beauty of the ribbon...

Okay, I am off to go clean the hyena's room...  and possibly move his newly painted bed upstairs.

bye for now!


  1. LOVE that wreath...and the fact that you had 7500 crocheted flowers just hanging out around the house. And that ribbon. After I made my new wreath, I decided I liked it too much to hang it on the front door where I'd never see it! :)

  2. That wreath is stunning. I mean, really. Love it.
    I love aqua and orange together too.
    Did you use all of the little doilies?

  3. Love it!!! the colors are perfect for fall...girl you never cease to amaze me!! xo

  4. oh...i love it friend! have any dollies left over?! you are more than welcome to send them my way! :)

  5. I am a huge fan of this striped ribbon. Is it from Stampin' Up? If it is, I think I have every color and use the gray, black and brown like crazy at my booth at Well Worn. Love the orange and turquoise. Cute cute cute.

  6. Michelle,

    Your crocheted doily wreath is so sweet and unique! I had to laugh that you actually had a box of 5,000 miniature crocheted doilies. It's similar to one of the many boxes I have stashed away because you never know when you are going to need them!

    Your Friend,

  7. I am in love with this much so that I am contemplating taking apart my grandmother's crocheted tablecloth with 5000 little doily flowers in it. Do you think she will mind? Maybe I can make one for the other granddaughter in the family, this way we can both enjoy it!

  8. is it wrong that i want to steal this right off your door?
    i love it!!


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