Friday Etsy Favorites *Put My Name On It*

Hello!  Are you ready for the weekend?  We have a yard sale planned this weekend, so I am up super duper early to get it all set up.  Lately, baby hughes likes things with a name on it... specifically his name.  So, I decided to find some not really cutesy name stuff.  As baby hughes says, *Put My Name on It*

Names in calligraphy are so pretty... I wish I could do it
found~ dellacarta

These nautical flag signs along with their meanings are so great for boys' rooms... I especially love this one!
found~ bexpert

This wedding topper is adorable!
found~ readygo

Remember these?  This says being a kid to me

If your (or your alter ego, evil twin, etc) name is Dorothy, you better snatch up this incredible scarf!

How are these for awesome seating cards?
found~ simplypear

I am smitten with this giant h
found~ EdiesLab

I love this fresh take on the stamped letter necklace.  The banners are so sweet.
found~ goseek

This one I am particularly fond of...some of you may know that my artistic husband does drawings on our big chalkboard for special occasions.  And, he did the wonderful sign that I took to Bella Rustica.  Lately, he has been getting requests to do custom chalk art, so he has decided to offer it locally and also on esty. pssttt... it isn't always chalk that he uses, so you don't have to worry about Uncle Earl who had a few too many mimosas coming over and erasing your name and replacing it with what he used to call you on your big day.  He does them for all special occasions and I have placed an order *wink* for a special one for us to keep.  
oh.... there are a few more examples here

Okay, time to caffeine up and get out there and get rid of some baby clothes and toys... *sniff, sniff*
Hope you all have a very lovely weekend!

bye for now!


  1. I need to caffeine up the custom chalkboard designs, very cool! Happy weekend

  2. Great picks! I love the calligraphy and Mr. Hughes's chalk art is amazing!!

  3. Love your husband's custom chalk art! I've alreadly "hearted" the store to keep it in mind when I get married.


  4. Your MR is good! love the signs...he one talented guy, no wonder you married him! :) Hope the sale goes well this weekend~ xoxo

  5. That chalkboard is amazing - LOVE! Thank you so much for featuring our cake topper!

    Ready Go


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