A Crib

Hello all! We (or at least I did) had one of those sunshine and rainbows sort of weekends, even if it didn't start off that way.  Can I confess something?  I loathe having yard sales.  Really.  I love to treasure hunt and buy and I had a great time selling at Bella Rustica, but a yard sale.... notsomuch.  I am really not sure why... maybe it is because I will still have to deal with the leftovers.  And, the getting ready for it isn't fun either.  In spite of all that, we had gorgeous weather and we all stayed outside and painted (Mr. Hughes) and read library books (me and the hyena) in between visitors.  Plus, we sold some stuff that was taking up space, including a rocking chair from the nursery which is slowly becoming a big boy room.  We decided to quit the sale on Friday and spend all day Saturday doing fun things like getting pumpkins and cupcakes and hunting for old toy trucks.  Yesterday, one project that was dependent on us selling the rocking chair was practically finished and I will show you later this week.

Whew... wordy!  I bet you are wondering what that crib photo is for... not us.  baby hughes was quite concerned when I was painting it... his was identical to this one.  A sweet couple that bought a dresser from me this summer contacted me and asked me to paint a crib.  I remember looking at Mr. Hughes and being like... uhhhh... I don't know.  But then, I warmed up to the idea and told them to bring it!  Since I hand paint everything and hand sand as well, I knew those spindles were going to be some work.  I used no VOC paint since I knew that it would probably be gnawed on a little *wink*  I am really pleased with how it turned out and I am pretty sure they love it too... I made her promise to send me a photo of the room all set up.  They bought the Rose dresser:

I love this piece with all its little details.  I can't wait to see it in the nursery!  I am always thrilled when I know that I piece I painted is going into a nursery.  There is something special in knowing something that you did is going to be around a new little soul.  I think this nursery is going to be so lovely!

Well, it is sunshiney today too!  I think we will get out and enjoy it when the hyena awakes.  I have some finishing touches on a personal project that I will show you later this week...it may turn into a tutorial of sorts... don't expect much though.... I am terrible with directions!

bye for now!


  1. I feel the same way about having yard sales...totally dread putting one together!
    The crib turned out great!!! They must be thrilled!
    Hope your Monday was great!!!! I was productive yippy!!!

  2. Wow the crib would have been a big project to tackle - so many surfaces to sand! I'm looking forward to nursery photos :-)

  3. Michelle, the crib looks fantastic, that was a huge project, but you did it, of course!!! I can't wait to see the nursery photos!


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