The Talented Mr. Hughes

Happy weekend!  Just popping in super quick in between projects to show you something that my Mr. completed last night... this chalk art is keeping him pretty busy.  I commissioned one for baby hughes' big boy room... I will show you that one once that room is finished... but for now this:

He is also participating in the Franklin Art Crawl at Scarlett Scales' shop on November 4th from 6-9 pm.  So, if you are local, come by and see his latest work.  If you aren't local, you can visit his etsy shop.
Is is shameless self promotion if you are promoting your honey? *wink*

Okay, I am finishing up the curtains for the big boy bedroom.  It is almost finished!!

bye for now!


  1. I just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did! It's so fun and energetic. I actually just finished my little boy's (he was 2 in july) room...that I love, but he never sleeps in :). Hopefully, you have better luck with that than we've had. I'm on my way to bed, so I've only looked through a couple pages of your blog, but I'm looking forward to coming back to see more and check out some links. Take care!

  2. That is sooooo cool! Wow! That's chalk...? awesome...
    i just painted a board with chalk paint, and now I'm all inspired to do something amazing like this on it. I love what he did, it looks great!


  3. Oh wow, this just popped up on Pinterest. I thought "how cool". Guess I'm going to have to go back and pin it. Very talented and creative!
    Connie LOU

  4. You certainly do have a most talented Mr.!
    Mine isn't the least bit so.
    Oh well, at least he's good looking. ;-)


  5. Great. Really pretty. Congratulations! Kisses


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