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Hello all and welcome to the very 1st What I Keep Wednesday.  You know, I like alliteration, so I am thinking that I will do this on Wednesdays from this point until I forget about it or I run out of posters. This week, I sweet talked a friend into guest posting even though she doesn't blog anymore... we'll see about that!  So, welcome Tara!

Michelle, my very brilliant and talented friend asked me to come out of semi-retirement from blogging and tell y’all what I keep…it took me about 2.5 seconds to respond to her e-mail…so without further a-do, here are the things I keep and would never sell, part with, giveaway, or allow to be stolen from my home.
Let’s start with the obvious, I wouldn’t part with this guy….even if he did stash banannas under his bed for two weeks cause he didn’t want to eat them…and yes I found them last weekend, in their rotted state… he swears he is allergic to them {he is in fact not allergic to them…just so you know}.

I could’t part with this newest member of our family….

Even if he wakes mommy at 1:30am, 4:00am, 5:15am and 6:00am…because his little belly is a’rumblin’!
I just want to fold this little fella up and stash him in my pocket on most days…
Ok, enough of the obvious {sheesh} all you vintage lovers are waiting for the goods…not my babies!
So here we go, I can’t live without Vintage locker baskets:

I use them all over my home, the more patina the better!
Vintage Fans:

I have 4 of these, one in each room of our home!
My son’s bed:

I acquired this from a good friend, it is very old, so old that my husband (aka the pool man) flung himself on the bed a few months ago and the whole thing came crashing down and broke…we fixed it right up, after our punk cried a river of tears, he loves his bed…and loves to sleep!

                            {here is the evidence}


There really isn’t much I need to say here…except they make my heart go pitter patter like when my hubby does exactly what I ask, without nagging him for two weeks….! I have about 15 suitcases from train cases to the large tweed ones all over my house! {purrrr}

Lucey and her wings:

This is Lucey, we have been friends for over 7 years…she resides in my room…in a pretty pettie coat and covered in my favorite paper craft, vintage sheet music butterflies!

She just recently acquired her wings!  I wear them on occasion just to remind my hubby of the “angel I really am”!

Vintage glass S & P shakers:

A quarky love, I know! I figure the more the better…just like shoes!

And last but not least, if there were ever a fire in our home, god forbid, I would get my babies out of the house, secure them to a tree and run back in, throw this beauty on my back and run like, uhm…hell out of there! I can’t live nor would I ever part with this vintage farm table….

I am sure there a million other things I couldn’t part with but I would sound close to being a hoarder if I kept going or allowed you into my home, therefore I will keep this short and sweet…like my boys!
Thanks Michelle, keep rocking your creativity, you inspire me to the moon and back!

Are you drooling?  Do you miss her posts as much as I do?  You can visit her here.  Okay, I have a large load of stuff to take to the booths... I really don't keep everything!

bye for now!


  1. Oh my goodness, how I have missed our lil spark of a friend!!! Sooo good to see Tara's words again on my screen <3
    Love this idea Michelle....and I should have known that you two lil birdies were besties :) You are two peas in a pod!
    Love all your "keeps" sweetie....especially your 2 punks - so adorable :)



    ps - I would have my farmtable on my back too if my house was "a burnin'!! hehehe

  2. Lovely, lovely traesures!! I adore the table and "Lucey" =) Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  3. *treasures* (sorry, no spell check hehehe) ~Ashley

  4. I would love to find some of those wire baskets for my laundry room!

  5. I had a question about your fans. Did you do anything to them or plug them into anything for they they wouldn't be over powered? I just got an soda shop fan and I seems like it's getting a little too much power from the plug, so I was hoping for a little insight. :3


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