Friday Etsy Favorites *Granny Chic

Hello and Happy Friday!  The other day, I was ripping out upholstery nails... not as many as last time, but still quite a few.  I got inspired by the very granny fabric that I was removing and had a little idea for a project.  You will have to wait to see that, but put on your reading glasses and see if you are into
 *Granny Chic*

This sweet crocheted tote is perfect for holding your knitting supplies

I love this patchwork pillow

This set of cups and saucers is perfect!  Love the crocheted bunting too!

I think afghans are the cornerstone of granny chic

Check out these adorable cross stitch earrings
found~ MaMagasin

I adore this little purse!  
found~ sadieolive

Really Granny, but really cool!
found~ VeraVague

Mixed and matchy crocheted coasters

You don't have to be a granny to appreciate this warm and cozy style... it makes me want to learn to knit!
We don't have any set plans for the weekend... the best kind of weekend... anything can happen!  I am itching to get some pumpkins though.  baby hughes said he wants a white one... so my child!

Have a lovely weekend!

bye for now!

ps... Speaking of Etsy... I added a few new pillow designs to my shop!


  1. I love me some granny chic...great picks!

  2. granny chic forever!
    i've always loved the old lady style, and so i love the respect paid here to some awesome ladies.

  3. What beautiful things! I sure love those earrings!


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